Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on how the Yankees are finally close to producing some of their own starting pitching instead of overpaying for older starting pitchers in free agency and trades. Within the column, Diamond showed that the Yankees have produced just one homegrown All-Star starting pitcher since 1991, Phil Hughes.

More interesting to Rays fans — and probably not surprising to most — the Rays are quite good at producing their own starting pitchers. During that same 25-year period, only the A’s (5) have signed or drafted more players that were developed into All-Star starting pitchers than the Rays (4).

This list becomes even more impressive when you remember that the Rays were only drafting in 20 of those years and have only had a team in 18.


Of course, there is some irony here as the current rotation doesn’t have a lot of homegrown talent as the Rays have relied more in recent years on acquiring starting pitchers through trades. However, that could change soon with pitchers like Blake Snell, Taylor Guerrieri, and Jacob Faria knocking on the door.

As for who the four pitchers were. That would be David Price, Matt Moore, and James Shields from recent years. Unless there is somebody I am forgetting, I believe you have to go all the way back the Devil Rays’ inaugural season in 1998 to find the fourth. That would be Rolando Arrojo, who wasn’t drafted by the Rays but was signed as an international free agent.



  1. Joe says:

    I think Niemann was the 4th


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