Logan Forsythe

Sunday’s game was likely a sneak peek at the lineup the Rays will use most days against right-handed pitchers, according to Kevin Cash. The big news is confirmation that Logan Forsythe will likely lead off in most games. The lineup goes as follows:

  1. Logan Forsythe, 2B
  2. Logan Morrison, 1B
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Corey Dickerson, DH
  5. Desmond Jennings, LF
  6. Brad Miller, SS
  7. Steven Souza Jr., RF
  8. Kevin Kiermaier, CF
  9. Curt Casali, C

One of the recent cuts was utility man Taylor Motter, one player who has stood out in the spring and was pegged early in spring by Buster Olney as an under-the-radar player who could have a big impact. However, listening to Cash, it sounds like it is just a matter of time before Motter is back.

“We’d have all the confidence in the world (bringing him up), basically playing him anywhere,” Cash said. “He did everything he possibly could to present himself really well this camp. He caught the ball. He’s just a baseball player. He swung the bat really well. I’m glad that he was in camp because we kind of heard a lot about him at the end of the year in Durham and in the offseason, and he probably lived up to the hype even more.”

Here are some more links to start the week

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  • Here is a review of all of the Rays’ offseason moves. [MLBTR]
  • Matt Bush is back, proof that talent trumps all. At 30 years old, the former No. 1 pick and one-time Rays pitching prospect, is now with the Rangers and “impressed” in his first spring outing, hitting 97 mph.  [Big League Stew]
  • 15 firms are competing for the rights to redevelop the Tropicana Field land. The catch here is that the firms are all required to come up with two plans, one with a baseball stadium and one without. [TBO.com]
  • Here is an artist that sells cool “minimalist” sports posters, including one of Tropicana Field. [S Preston Designs]

Strange things were afoot on Sunday





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  1. ajno says:

    if u like that minimalist art work, check out the Topps Bunt app. they made an entire set dedicated to that minimalist art work. once of each of the 30 stadiums in MLB. i agree. its kinda cool


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