Dayron Varona

The Rays are now in Cuba for a game on Tuesday, the first Major League Baseball team to travel to the island in 17 years.

Over 140 people were part of the Rays’ travel party, needing two planes to make the trip. MLB officials and national media were in a third plane. Of all those people, maybe none were looking forward to it more than Rays’ prospect Dayron Varona, who defected from Cuba three years ago.

“Look, it’s something that, when I get home, I still can’t believe it. I’m set here and I can’t believe any of it,” Varona told “I just can’t believe it. When I get off the plane and set foot on Cuban soil, that’s when I’m going to believe it.”

That Varona even got to go took some strings being pulled. He is the only player not on the Rays’ 40-man big-league roster to get an invite and clearly his presence needed to be OK’d by Cuban and American officials.

In the end, Varona was on the plane and when he arrived, he was greeted by members of his family that he had not seen in three years.

And here is a cool photo taken by Will Vragovic.


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