The Rays are playing the Cuban National Team in Havana and prior to the game, Chris Archer delivered a gift to President Barack Obama, a glove from Matt Moore.

Archer later explained that Moore wanted to give the glove to the president as a gift since he was warming up and pitching and knew he would not have a chance to shake the president’s hand.

Archer approached the president with the glove, but there was a small problem, they were separated by the netting.


They found what looked like an opening to pass things through, but that turned out to be a fake door.


They eventually cut a hole, and the glove was taken by the president’s security detail.




  1. woodrow744 says:

    To those expecting to see a baseball (or beisbol) game on ESPN this afternoon, we interrupt this program with continuous coverage of President Obama sitting next to devout Communist Raoul Castro. Other coverage will be an in-depth audio interview with universally-acclaimed intellectual Chris Archer, but with continued video on Obama/Castro/Michelle/Mrs. Robinson/random people in the crowd. If you would like to see today's baseball game, I'm afraid you're sh*t out of luck. Now get back to your TV and resume your political indoctrination.

    • Joe says:

      Really disappointed in the lack of actual game coverage. They aren't even showing replays of good or close plays, if they show the play at all.

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    I watched an inning of the game....................Volume off.

  3. monte says:

    Being the working stiff that I am, I was not able to watch the game. I gather from your comments that the game coverage was poor. Maybe they didn't have the ability to have multiple cameras and technical support required to produce and provide coverage like that to which we have become accustomed. Let's remember this is a destitute, communist country where everything is owned by the state (the people) and everyone is equal and everything is free.

    • Joe says:

      In this case, it was more of ESPN not caring about the game itself and not a lack of technology/cameras. The broadcasters had a lot of interviews lined up that they focused on the first half of the game so they ignored most of the play calling except for big plays or to describe the president's reactions. Wouldn't have really been a big deal, but they'd show the interview split screen with the game and stop showing the balls/strikes and runners on base as well. If you turn away for a minute you'd have no idea who was at the plate or what was going on. Often they'd put the interview full screen and cut back to the game when the ball was already in play. I could understand lack of coverage during the interview with the president, especially after yesterday's attacks, but his interview lasted only half an inning. I was hoping to learn more about the Cuban team and their players, but instead we had to hear more about Derek Jeter's retirement plan.

      • woodrow744 says:

        Spot on, Joe. Typical of ESPN, they cared less about the game and more about "history." Well, life goes on for those poor people down there today. The visit by the Americanos provided some spice in an otherwise bleak existence, but politically, nothing got accomplished. And Monte, while I agree that Cuba is destitute and communist, I disagree most strongly that ANYTHING of consequence is owned by the people, that EVERYONE is equal, and that EVERYTHING is free.


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