In the top of the seventh inning of the Rays’ game against the Pirates on Saturday night, a fan ran onto the field and started throwing bottles at the players, apparently protesting the team’s trip to Cuba.

Here is what the scene looked on television:

Here is how Marc Topkin reported the scene:

Topkin later reported that Montoyo, who detained the fan until police arrived, described the fan as “60 plus and drunk.”



  1. Woodrow744 says:

    The chief of stadium security at McKecknie Field stated that this was not the behavior of the average spring training fan in Bradenton. "Typically our fans are not 60 plus and drunk. They are 85 plus and heavily medicated."

  2. Dave L says:

    I married into the Cuban... well...experience 20+ years ago. The emotions run high.

    Back in 2000 I visited the Island rented and old Volvo with 200K+ miles visiting relatives in the provinces no time in Havana. That in itself has an affront to the expats in some respect, well so be it

    Its a broken country, I doubt its changed much from 16 years ago. Those fans in the stands and the 'typical cubans' that the Rays met in their tours were not just random people. The crowd in the stands was communist party members. Note they cheered every Ray except the Cuban defector thats why the Rays players came out of the dugout to cheer him they knew he was being disrepected and tried to buck him up.

    Dont get me wrong the embargo is a monumental failure and this rapproachment with Cuba is the only logical step forward and baseball was the logical vehicle forward and the Rays players should be proud to be part of history. But its not all puppies and sunshine.

    If an SRod were still on the team the Rays likely would not have been chosen and/or he would not have made the trip. The pressures would have been too great.

    Emotions run high and the octogenarians who lost out in the revolution are coming to grips that they will not win. But they have an argument and succeeding generations continue to support their cause.

    Alot of gray here, but from my perspective its a net plus but not without its short term blowback.

    sorry to get overtly political but it was a severely political seminal event.

    • Woodrow744 says:

      Dave L - your posts are too infrequent, but always great! Would be honored to take in a game with you sometime, bro.


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