With the Rays announcing the signing of reliever Ryan Webb and with spring training now underway, we now have a pretty good idea what the roster is going to look like on Opening Day and some MLB executives are not impressed.

Jayson Stark of ESPN has published his annual “Best and Worst of the Offseason” poll in which he surveys 35 team executives on various topics. One question asked the execs to name the “Most unimproved teams.” While the Angels, Orioles, and A’s received the most votes, the Rays came in fourth, with five execs expressing their lack of being impressed by what the Rays have built this winter.

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It wasn’t all bad though.

Four of the executives named the trade for Corey Dickerson as the best trade of the offseason in either league. In addition, four executives called the Steve Pearce signing the “Best free agent signed to a one-year contract,” for whatever that’s worth.



  1. Nick says:

    Baseball Prospectus has released their first PECOTA projections for the 2016 season and the Rays are projected to win the AL East. Remember this from a few days ago. If it's correct who gives a crap what some MLB executives think. And while were at it who cares if they only spent .02% of all free agent cash spent. If they win this just proves they are smarter than the rest of the teams. Here's hoping this projection is correct!!

  2. woodrow744 says:

    My neighbor Frank thinks the anonymous executives are crazy. He believes the Rays are on the right track. The Girl Scouts in front of Publix selling cookies were divided on the subject, however. Our cat is a damned Red Sox fan, so I wouldn't put a whole lot of credence into what he says.

    • monte says:

      Both my cats are Rays fans and both are convinced the team will be improved this year if Drew Smyly pitches like he did for us in 2014. They see a potential for better offense with offseason acquisitions. One cat is CharleyCat and the other is GreyCat and they do not trust anyone who goes by the name of anonymous.

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    I wonder how many of those 5 anonymous execs are paying off overpriced free agent contracts for guys that either aren't performing or are no longer with the team.


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