A few Major League Baseball teams are testing out a new cap-helmet hybrid to be worn by pitchers and now it appears that Matt Moore is one of the pitchers promoting the product.

However, there is a catch.

The helmet is made by a company called Boombang. That company’s webpage has a photo of what appears to be Matt Moore modeling one of the helmets, and he is wearing a Dodgers helmet.


The webpage does not identify the player as Moore, but there is some evidence that it is him. The pitcher is a lefty. Moore does indeed use a black Rawlings glove. It also looks exactly like Matt Moore.

The evidence that it might not be Matt Moore? HE DOESN’T PITCH FOR THE GOD DAMNED DODGERS.

The problem here may be one of supply. According to a report at Uni-Watch, only about 20 pitchers will be given the helmets for testing this spring. That means there may not be a Rays model available. Still, if you are going to use Matt Moore to model the cap, would it be too hard to make one Rays model for Moore to wear?


As for the cap itself, it weighs 10-12 ounces and is missing the top to reduce the weight. In place of a regular cap, pitchers will be given a skullcap to wear underneath to keep it from looking like a visor.

Here is a Pirates pitcher testing out the new headgear.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Hopefully they work but they certainly look ridiculous

  2. Dave L says:

    If the company is smart they will pay a few pitchers to wear it. They should be able to find a few relatively high profile guys not Kershaw- level but MM level if the price is right.

    They could probably get whole minor league teams staff to sport them for less money.

    All it will take is one pitcher to get beaned on camera and come up smiling and it could take off . Not in MLB but I could see NCAA teams requiring them in a few years. Youth leagues as well.

    They don't need MLB players to buy in. They need the poobahs at the university level to buy in and parents demanding thier kids be protected.

    They are not going to get rich selling these to MLBeers anytime soon.

    Its the proving ground to get them onto the heads of every kid pitcher, baserunner in the USA.

  3. Robert Ferik says:

    Nice baseball helmet.Hope it will protect the players from serious injury


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