David Price_nerdNo, no, no. Nope.

(you are going to want to sit down for this one)

David Price is one of this off-season’s biggest free agents and it is sounding more and more like he will end up signing a huge contract to pitch for the *gulp* Boston Red Sox.

The early speculation is that Price will command a 7-year, $210 million contract or something in that neighborhood, and so far, the Red Sox appear to be the only team willing to pay that price.

Here is what Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe wrote:

Whatever reservations Price may have will be buried under piles of cash. John Lackey, who hated Boston and Fenway Park as a member of the Los Angeles Angels, signed with the Red Sox before the 2010 season because they guaranteed him $82.5 million.

It will work that way for Price, too. It’s not that he won’t have other choices, but the Red Sox appear willing to go to $200 million. Dombrowski has been saying for weeks now that the organization understands the price of high-end pitching.

The Red Sox are not the only team that has been linked to Price, but the others are all problematic. The list includes the Toronto Blue Jays, the Chicago Cubs, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Jays just gave $36 million to JA Happ, and the feeling is that this signals that the team is not going to overspend for a starting pitcher and Price won’t be coming back.

The Cubs are in the market for a starting pitcher and there are conflicting reports about whether Price is Plan A or if bringing back Jeff Samardzija is the Plan A, as he makes more sense as the cheaper option.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Dodgers have discussed the idea of signing both Price and Zack Greinke, but that it is unlikely to happen. Meanwhile, it sounds like Greinke is their preference.

None of this means the Red Sox will sign Price, and certainly other teams could get involved (Giants? Cardinals?), but right now it sounds like the Red Sox are the front-runner, and lord help us all.



  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Price would pitch against the Rays a maximum of 6 times a season, more likely 4 or 5 times. I don't think it's a major concern. Also as a lefty in Fenway for 15-18 starts, he's bound to give up more homers over the monster in that little league park. Plus if sometime during the contract both teams make the playoffs, we all know he folds like a cheap tent once the postseason starts. I say sign him up, hell give him $300 million.

  2. Michael says:

    I'm with Geoff. I loved Price when he was here, but I could easily see him being a very expensive mistake for somebody like Crawford and Upton and many others turned out to be. Something about motivation when you're still aiming for that first big-money deal vs. after you've received it. Just think about how he played the year after winning the Cy Young, or even after he was given his first chance to start in the big leagues.

    Can't think of too many places he'd end up (that can actually afford to pay him) where I wouldn't be rooting for him to fail, so it might as well be Boston.

  3. Gus says:

    He's signing his own professional death warrant. But with that kind of cash, I can understand. He's a fly ball pitcher who is going to struggle more in Fenway than he would in more pitcher friendly parks, especially as he starts to age. I'd also note that, like Crawford, he's a bit of a sensitive guy and I'm not sure Boston is the right place for him. But $200M buys you lots of therapy sessions.

    I also feel like the Rays have his number a little bit (not sure if the stats back it up). But I don't fear him in Boston.

    Really surprised that he won't end up as a Dodger. That looked like the place for him.

    But the real answer is its never a good idea to pay a pitcher $200M. Ever. Under almost any circumstances. Injury risk, inevitable decline in your early 30's, only pitch 2/3 of a game every 5 days.

    Just glad Boston isn't replacing Ortiz with some real offensive firepower from the FA market. That's what I fear from them --- becoming Toronto 2.0 in that bandbox with those young bats.

  4. Brent says:

    I guess everyone has a "price", whether it leads to a ruined career or not...

  5. Gus says:

    $31M+ a year for 7 years. Congrats DP. I hope you never sniff the playoffs again.

    An insane contract from the BoSox. Exactly what a Rays fan should want.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      His bloated contract finally matches his bloated ego. It was always all about the money for him, now he can let himself completely go like Sabathia did.

  6. Chris says:

    Say it ain't so David! I guess everyone's soul has a price, no pun intended. All kidding aside, can't blame him. That's alot of money to turn down. I just wonder how it plays-out between him and Ortiz.

    • Geoff Peterson says:

      I agree. Some of David's Rah-Rah BS might not go over too well after Ortiz comes back to the dugout in a roid rage after striking out.

  7. Woodrow744 says:

    I hope David enjoys the same success and fan support that Carl Crawford had in Boston. Lovely bunch.


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