Jake McGee

The Rays have to top-level relievers in Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger and a well-earned reputation for being able to build a bullpen from shopping at the salvage yard.

So it makes sense that a lot of teams have inquired about the possibility of trading for one or the other.

Would the Rays trade one or both? I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they traded one, but which one gets a little trickier.

Obviously, what the other teams are offering is a big factor and maybe at the end of the day it is that simple. But there are also other things to keep in mind.

Boxberger got a little testy towards the end of the season about how he was being used. Unhappy players were not something we saw/heard very often under Joe Maddon. But at the same time, Boxberger is still a year away from being eligible for arbitration which means he is still super-cheap for one more season.

Meanwhile, McGee made $3.6 million this past season and is in line for a decent raise in arbitration again, maybe into the $5-6 million range. The Rays have paid more for relievers in the past, but not very often. McGee is also two years away from free agency, so you would have to think his trade value is still high.

You can make a case either way, but if I was a betting man, I’d say McGee is more likely to be dealt, unless of course the situation with Boxberger is even uglier than we realize.



  1. monte says:

    The combination of Boxberger and McGee could shut every other team down. Too bad one has to be lost. The Rays have not got the best from McGee. He has many potentially great years ahead. However, there are some starters on this team who are not going to be able to continue starting, and I think Colome has the potential to be a terrific set up guy or maybe a closer. It is just ashamed that when a player is fully developed and ready to realize his full potential, he goes elsewhere to do it.

  2. Rob says:

    I think trading Boxy and using Colome in the eighth to set up McGee's ninth is the way to go. That could be a staggering 1-2 punch. Something about a flamethrower at the back end of the bullpen gives me comfort. If the stuff isn't there, someone throwing 97 can overcome it. As we saw with Boxberger last year, when the change wasn't superb, the 92 fastball can get hit hard (or the batters were just taking their walks when that changeup was dropping out of the strike zone).

  3. Gus says:

    If they trade McGee and keep Boxy, I will need to increase my health insurance coverage. Boxy almost killed me last season. I say keep them all. The Rays don't need to make any more trades; start your season, see where you are, then deal to fix whatever hole pops up, or rent a bat for half a season to get into the playoffs.

    McGee has been a good reliable soldier, and has put together a career that probably qualifies as the greatest Rays reliever ever (just based on length of quality service). Absent a ridiculous offer, he along with KK, Archer and Longo are the untouchables.

  4. edward says:

    This seems to be the way of the rays. Don't expect kk to be around much longer. For some reason I seem to remember stu saying that when he bought the team that the shipping out good players was through, seems to me like the old namoli era. I know except they have been winning. I don't know about everybody else but I am getting tired of reading about how the rays can't afford to keep anybody, well if you can't afford it than sell the team. I know that they are doing this just to get a new stadium, and if it could be done there should be a clause that says they have to have a floor on spending. I know that wont happen but one can wish. Sorry about the rant, but I truly believe that this team with a few tweaks could go further. It is all about the world series ,so go out and get those tweaks. Ok , I know why do I bother.lololol GO RAYS!!!!!

  5. Craig says:

    The Rays seem to have picked up all the infield bench players from the Mariners now. Hopefully one of the new additions looks better than Franklin at least.


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