The Tampa Bay Rays continue to show that there are plenty of baseball fans in the Bay Area, just not enough going to the games.

The Rays finished 12th in MLB in local television ratings in 2015, with an average rating of 4.12 for prime time broadcasts on Sun Sports. That translates to an average of 75,000 households turning into prime time broadcasts of Rays games.

The 75,000 households ranks 15th among MLB teams, ahead of the Nationals and Orioles, and comparable to the A’s, White Sox, and Marlins combined (79,000).


The 75,000 households is also up from 73,000 a year ago, but down from 2012 and 2013, when the Rays averaged 87,000 and 89,000, respectively.




  1. Gus says:

    Status of new TV contract? Does anybody know? I thought it was up with Fox Sports in 2016.

  2. Ken says:

    My question is how many of those TV fans would attend games if a new stadium is built in Tampa? And how often, everyday, twice a week, once a week? 20%, 30%? It would seem to me that 30% would put the Rays @ about 27,000 per game. It would put them in the upper middle of the pack.

    • Jim says:

      It's going to be difficult to draw any conclusions about attendance vs viewers. How many of those viewer are elderly that will never attend a game?

      Ken, what do you think attendance will be once the "new" wears off of the stadium in the 4th year? No matter where the stadium is built, i'm gonna be shocked if we draw 23K after a few years. also 27K is in the lower third of the league. the FO has been seeking "league avg".which is over 30K. that number will only be achieved(maybe) in the first year of a new stadium.

      • Gus says:

        live attendance is a dinosaur; everybody papers the house (except the Rays). Look at Yankee Stadium. The $ is in the TV contract.

        • Jim says:


          then why are we even talking about a new stadium? the difference between the Rays and avg is about 1 million fans. that's $22 million dollars, and that's not counting "extras"

          Our current tv contract is somewhere around $20 million and cork seems to think we'll get $60-100 million. I just don't see where fox sports will pay anything near that,

          Stu has leverage on the Stadium, but where's he gonna go if Fox lowballs him? Fox is pretty much the only player.

          Stu bought this team with a bad stadium, and a long,bad tv contract. He's now crying about not having enough revenue, and whining about "we built a winner, but we still don't get attendance." All he had to do was open his eyes and look across the state at the marlins. WS winners in a bad stadium didn't draw flies. A lesser team in a brand new stadium doesn't draw either. BUT IT MUST BE THE TROP AND ST PETE'S FAULT. BAHAHAHAHA!!

          • Gus says:

            Sternberg's first big act as owner was to sign the horrible TV contract. 10 years later they have lots of options with TV, including starting your own network.

            2016 will be first year broadcast dollars exceed live gate and the revenue streams are going in opposite directions. The incremental inference between old stadium and new stadium is nothing compared to incremental difference between 2006 contract and new one.

  3. mep645 says:

    Shiny new stadiums did NOT help the Padres, Marlins or the Twins get to the post season in the past 10 years. To save money, the Twins stadium does NOT have a retractable dome in a city with horrible weather ( I lived there many years). The Twins put heaters in the dugouts instead. No one cares about baseball in Miami, even though they have free games once a month for seniors.

    I think that the "Honors Pass" for vets was successful and we attended three extra games this year.

    • Jim says:

      the stadium has little to nothing to do with "winning". If you think that the payroll will go up significantly because we build a new stadium, then you are delusional. the FO will tell the public that attendance is the reason that we can't afford a DH, and that we will put a better product on the field if we get a new stadium, but who is believing that?

      We may see a small bump (less than $10 million for the first year or so, but the fans will see higher prices for tickets, concessions, and parking. MLB will keep paying us welfare(like the marlins) and yet because we have a new stadium, they won't be bitching about having to write us a check, like they do now. So a new stadium will not improve the product on the field, it won't stop MLB's welfare program, but it will put more money in Stu's pockets.

      • Dave says:


        Exactly how much money do you think the Yankees would make scrimmaging themselves all year?

        The Rays and every other team concretely contribute to the bottom line of every other team. Without other teams the Yankees are pretty much worthless.


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