Stuart SternbergStuart Sternberg, grew up a fan of the New York Mets, and on Wednesday he admitted that he still is.

Sternberg is in New York this week for the 2015 Sports Diversity & Inclusion Symposium and was tasked with introducing rookie commissioner Rob Manfred. In comments to the audience at Citi Field, Sternberg spoke about still being a Mets fan (via The Guardian).

“As a Met fan growing up and all, it’s wonderful to be here in September when things really do matter, and it’s a very exciting time to be a Met fan, and I am still, as well, even though I’ve got the Tampa Bay Rays.”

Well, at least he has one team in the playoffs this year.

Is this a big deal? Nah. But it won’t do anything to kill the fears that Sternberg secretly wishes he owned the Mets (who wouldn’t?).

Sternberg went on to note that George Steinbrenner served as a sort of inspiration for Sternberg owning the Rays. While admitting that MLB prefers local ownership groups, Sternberg noted that Steinbrenner was “running the Yankees from Tampa” so he figured he “could run the Tampa Bay Rays from New York.”



  1. jim says:

    Pathetic. I can't imagine ANY other owner in sports making a statement like this.

    There has been debate about all the numbers concerning population vs prospective fans, and many have stated that a major issue is hometown loyalty. It's to trendy to root for your home team vs actually pull for the Rays. Our owner doesn't come to games and is a Mets fan. Please sell the team. It's nothing more than an investment to you, there's no passion.

    Can you imagine if Vinik said it was exciting to be a Devils fan??

  2. Gus says:

    I am less bothered by his loyalty to his boyhood team in the other league than I am his disloyalty to his own team, as evidenced by his seemingly self-inflected wounds that result from his boneheaded public statements and his payroll slashing trades.

    Sternberg couldn't afford to even own the largest portion of the Rays (I think that is still true); I doubt he's going to be a threat to purchase the Mets anytime soon.

    Funny thought that the Rays haven't traded with the Mets in any deal of consequence since Zombrano for Kazmir.

  3. Curse of Gruden says:

    Sternberg can't put three sentences together without putting his foot in is mouth. Maybe it's a good thing he doesn't come to the Rays' games.

  4. edward says:

    I'm not to upset that he says he is still a mets fan, what really got me was the statement about George Steinbrenner, he may have lived here in tampa but at least he spent money on his team and had some sort of interest in it, i don't expect the rays to spend 200 million on the team but at least make an effort. When the Yankees sucked and weren't pulling the attendance they still made some sort of effort to bring in free agents that where worth something. I do realize we are talking about 2 different money makers but if you can't afford to spend the dollars than maybe it is time to sell the team. I believe that last year , it may have been this year was the most they spent on payroll. In the 80 million range. So since he and his partners have owned the team the most they have spent is 80 million, and if i am correct didn't insurance help pay some of that , plus revenue sharing and tv revenues which aren't that much but still. I would love to see how much actually comes out of their pocket , but so would a lot of people. As for how many rays games he has been too, that is kind of bothersome , knowing that he probably has been to more mets games than his own team. Just thinking back , who is the biggest free agent that the rays have signed since this ownership has taken over, pat burrell, and i mean actual free agents who didn't play for the rays. i know they spent a bundle on longo, but i can't think of anybody else , loney was resigned the second time. But he really wasn't a big free agent and last year they signed Cabrera but for 7 million, that seems to be the magic number. So i have been slammed by people for my thoughts on this ownership , but i am not impressed. True they have been good for the majority of the time they have owned the team , but is that from all the bad years and joe and the coaching staff. I believe that even if there is a new stadium nothing will change. I wish they would sell the team to somebody who actually cares about THEIR team, but since the value of the team has at least doubled we are going to be stuck with this ownership. Sorry about the long post and the venting but as a fan from day 1, yes i know everybody says that , and from a fan who also spends his money on tickets etc, (call me a sucker i guess ) i just needed to vent someplace. As always GO RAYS!!!!!

    • Gus says:

      The other point on Steinbrenner was that when he was first owner, he was in NYC almost too much for his own good during the season. Then the league suspended him, he set up his Tampa satellite office the following year in an attempt to run the team but not drive everybody in NYC crazy (and keep himself out of trouble).

      Plus -- THEY WERE THE FRIGGING YANKEES. They had a rebuilt stadium, they were a cash cow. This team needs an owner who can navigate its attendance woes, figure out its best stadium play, negotiate a decent television deal. An absentee owner who only makes every situation worse by opening up his mouth is not helping.

      • edward says:

        good points I didn't even think about , all the George was getting in, and you are right , they are the Yankees. lol Good points all

  5. Geoff Peterson says:

    Stu is an example of the kind of fan true Rays fans deplore. He roots for his childhood favorite when they're in town or doing well in the standings and roots for the Rays the rest of the time. This teams deserves so much better in the form of either a devoted owner or a new one.

    • Political_Man says:

      Those were really my first thoughts. The Rays are asking transplanted fans to do what the owner hasn't done himself, stop rooting for your childhood team and root for the Rays.

      Look... the stadium location is a contributor to the problem of attendance for this team. A better location will help but the main problem as I see it is that people don't get off of work early, pick their kids up from school, get the gang all dressed up in Rays gear, drive down to the stadium, spend several hundred dollars on a weekday to go see their 2nd favorite team.

    • OriginalTom says:

      I disagree with this. Why does someone from out of state need to stop rooting for their childhood team to prove they are a "true Rays fan"?


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