Chris Archer

While the final chapter of the 2015 season has yet to be written, it won’t erase just how frustrating this team has been at times and it has been due in large part to an offense that ranks next-to-last in the American League in runs scored per game and OPS.

That frustration can be summed up perfectly in this stat:

The Tampa Bay Rays are 32-15 in games when the starting pitcher allows 1 run or fewer.

How bad is that? Consider that the New York Yankees, whom the Rays trail by 8 games in the AL East, are 22-1 when their starting pitcher allows 0 or 1 runs.

While the Rays are winning just 68.1% of these games — only the Marlins (67.6%) are worse — the rest of the American League wins 80.9%. If the Rays were winning these games at the same rate as the rest of the AL, they would be 38-9 when their starter only gives up 1 run or fewer. In other words, if the Rays were just average in these games, they would have 6 more wins and they would not only be just 2 games behind the Yankees in the East, the Rays would be leading the Wild Card race by 2 games and would be 4 games ahead of the third-place Wild Card team.

That’s tough to swallow.



  1. Ken says:

    Just as tough to swallow is Silverman's declaration that we had no obvious offensive holes to fill when explaining our trade dead line inactivity. The Rays are the anti-Yankees, cobbling together a lineup each year by paying the least amount possible rather than the most.

    • Gabe says:

      It's not his call..... What do you want him to spend money out of his own pockets? You know this team can't add a big player for a few more years. And I def don't want them to trade off our top prospects for a chance at a wild card spot. Only if they are in first place i'd want them to trade away young talent. It's the Rays way. And it will stay that way till they get a new stadium and ppl show up to the games

    • Ken says:

      First off, it's not his money he's spending, ultimately it's our money. No fans, no franchise. I'll give you just one example of how the Rays are delusional when evaluating talent: We passed on picking up Ben Revere, last years NL hit leader, controllable thru 2018, currently making 4.1 M. Jays grabbed him for a couple of A ball prospects. Tell me how Jaso, Guyer, KK, Souza, etc. are more valuable than this guy? BTW, he's 27. Over the years I could give example after example. Our front office needs to be examined. Better yet, MLB should force Stewie to sell the team. He's a banker, not a baseball man.

      • OriginalTom says:

        Ben Revere? Career OPS Jaso .765, KK .726, Guyer .707, Souza .699, Revere .669.

        Jaso and KK both have more career WAR than Revere in fewer games played. Guyer has more career WAR on a per game basis. The only one of those player he has better career numbers than is Souza who is a rookie. Revere also makes more than all of those players. I would rather have had them keep Dejesus than trade for Revere.

        Our FO needs to be investigated, yeah 4 playoff appearance in 7 years is a disgrace.

      • Drew S says:

        I would also like to state that Revere sucks and I am glad we didn't acquire him.

  2. Chris D says:

    It's hard to draw a conclusion on this stat that ONLY targets offense. The bullpen is obviously a culprit here too.

  3. Brent says:

    Another stat that always jumps out to me is their great record when being ahead after the 7th & their bad record when trailing...

  4. Rob says:

    They are 52-0 when they score more runs than the other team.

  5. Dave L says:

    Blaming management, roster moves, individual players blah blah blah is nonsense.

    We are a borderline franchise with the bottom 4 payroll year after year after year.

    The die was cast before May, injuries to our starting rotation + McGee doomed us.

    Some of you spoiled whiny Rays fans should be glad we are hovering around .500 in August.

    Ken cherry picking one player we 'missed' is absurd.

    28 teams 'missed' him

  6. richfab4 says:

    ......actually, it's not that surprising to hear that The Rays have the worst won/lost record when the starters give up one run or less.....keep in mind 2 things....1) the offense is seriously challenged, and 2).......the Rays starts only average 2 2/3 innings per start....obviously, i'm exaggerating, but the Rays starts pitch the least amount of innings in the league, which goes a long way in explaining the original premise in this article.


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