MLB: MAR 03 Spring Training - Yankees at RaysIt has been more than a month since Desmond Jennings went on the DL with what was considered at the time to be a minor issue with his knee. But if the Rays were counting on Jennings to be that second-half offensive spark most teams seek in the trade market, they may have to look elsewhere.

After playing in an extended spring training game on Monday, the soreness in Jennings’ knee came back and the team has no idea why (via

“After more than five weeks of rest, rehab and reported improvement following a diagnosis of bursitis, Jennings tried to play in an extended spring training game on Monday but felt the soreness again…He visited again with team orthopedist Dr. Koco Eaton, and will head next week to see noted knee specialist Dr. Steven Singletonin Vail, Colo.”

When asked about the situation, manager Kevin Cash offered a very telling response, saying “It’s not good … I don’t think we can pinpoint what’s causing the issue.”

In other words, it is going to be a while before Jennings comes back.

Jennings was originally put on the DL May 3 with what was described as “bursitis” and the reports sounded hopeful that Jennings would not be on the DL long.

Of course, complicating matters is that this is the same knee that caused Jennings to miss the last month of last season which at the very least is worrisome.



  1. Jim says:

    He’s a Boras client, never has lived up to his hype, speed doesn’t translate to the bases, and can’t hit righties. Is he really an upgrade over the LF combo of Guyer/DeJesus? Name one play that you can honestly say that Jennings would have made that they didn't.

    I personally don’t see room or reason for Jennings or Jaso to return to our roster. I realize they have no trade value until they prove they are healthy, but it may be hard for them to deserve any real playing time. Jaso as a DH was an epic failure.

    • zenny says:

      Jaso as a DH had less than one game. He'll be a nice addition when he returns.

      DJ has been a productive player when healthy. mainly due to his speed. The problem is that he hasn't been healthy for any length of time for a good year now, and the injury is to his wheels. If he has some sort of chronic bum knee, his MLB career is in serious jeopardy, imo.

    • OriginalTom says:

      "never has lived up to the hype"

      I think this is a big problem for people when evaluating Jennings. People expected him to be an all star instead of what he is which is a decent major league player. His minor league BA was .294 and his Major league BA is only .248. If he could hit .294 in the majors he would be an all star, at .248, with speed, moderate power, and solid defense. He is a good but unspectacular player.

      "what speed do you speak of"

      I remember in his September 2010 call up he hit a triple and I thought, jeez this guy is going to be one of the fastest players in the game. Obviously this has not happened, however, he certainly has speed. He has let the team in steals the past 3 years (albeit with declining numbers 31-20-15) and he is excellent at going 1st to 3rd or 2nd to home on a single. If his base running numbers continue to slide his value will slide right also.

      "there is no way I would send Butler down at this point"

      Butler has a BABIP of .452 and a strike out to walk ratio of 28-2. He is also older than Jennings. He is a great story and I sincerely hope I am wrong but I just do not see him as a future starting outfielder.

      I am not sure why Boras would tell Jennings not to play. Sitting on the DL is not going to increase his value. As Dave L alluded to, I believe by the time Jennings is ready to return either someone will be on the DL or not playing well and he will return to the line up.

      I also feel Jennings has less value as in left than he does center. I would not be shocked to see him dealt to a team that needs a CF

    • TOM says:

      I don't see anyone on the current roster I'd part with to make room for Jennings or Jaso

  2. Jim says:

    Jaso has zero power. He averages 5 HRs and 26RBIs a year. I know that Butler can't keep up the AVG that he has but he'll still put up numbers better than Jaso's.

    DJ can't hit righties and can you honestly make a case on sitting the Guyer/DeJesus combo? His career numbers don't justify it. What speed do you speak of? Surely not on the bases. Once again, I don't recall many if any misplayed balls that I said "Jennings would have made that play".

    • Dave L says:

      But thats static thinking on a roster which has proven to be very dynamic due to health issues. If you assume no more outfielder injuries, slumps etc. Thats a dangerous assumption and it never holds up

      A healthy Desmond Jennings would be a a good tool to have. How many times have we one day seem to have an abundance position wise somewhere then suddenly its a deficit a couple of weeks later?

      I think he is a much better centerfielder than virtually everyone here gives him credit for. The lack of a big arm sometimes isnt as bad as you think. For every one guy nailed on the basepaths that usually has to be taken with some airmails that allow a trailing runner to advance.

      DJ is an extremely cautious CF, doesnt like to leave his feet and doesnt like to dive or crash into walls but balls dont get by him and he always hits the cutoff man. Its boring compared to a KK but he's still a better than league average CF IMO and even last year his worst with injuries he was a league average hitting CF. CF is a defensive position. We as fans need to tamp down our offensive expectations for CF, C and SS and be content with numbers that historically seem bad.

      Jennings splits against RHP in his career low 2014 were still .653 OPS not like a really bad lefty on lefty and he hit .833 OPS vs LHP so thats a guy you want on your roster for sure no matter what when crunch time comes and rosters expand if he gets healthy by then and we are in the hunt.

      I dont get the good riddance attitude toward DJ often expressed by commentors here

      • Jim says:

        Who would you move in our roster to make room for Jennings if he was able to return today? The outfield that we have now is solid. At best, Jennings platoons as OF/DH. There's no way I would send down Butler at this point. I truly think it's going to be a case of Jennings losing his spot on this team due to injuries. Even if he's capable of coming back, which may not happen as a Ray, I'm not sure there's a viable spot especially if everyone else continues to be healthy and produces. And don't think that Boras doesn't realize this also.

        Don't be surprised if his injuries linger all season. Boras will blame it all on the turf and make sure that Desmond doesn't come back and risk his future value while playing for peanuts with the Rays. He simply would rather see Jennings on the DL rather than coming back at less than 100%. He got until 2017 to boost DJ' s value.

        With our lack of long working starters, roster spots are critical. Options are being used up, and I truly don't think that Jaso plays himself back onto the roster either. It's addition by subtraction for the Rays as long as everyone else stays healthy. Jaso is a marginal bat and doesn't fit the utility role. He was a head scratcher and is basically worthless if he isn't able to produce at the plate.

        I don't think anyone in the front office or dugout is losing much sleep or shedding too many tears if both of these guys stay on the DL for a extended period.

        • Dave L says:

          Ok I'll bite

          Mikie Mahtook?

          I dont get the fixation on Boras as a factor. How does he increase his value by not playing?

          Jaso is irrelevant to this roster spot and you agree with me that Jaso was irrelevant from the start. I said from his signing he was damaged goods and may never play again from the start

  3. Ray says:

    Maybe it's time to move on from Jennings. I don't like to see injuries, but at the same time we need to play ball. Maybe it's possible his knee is not as bad as stated. He is a client of Boros, who hates the Rays with a passion. Boros may be instructing Jennings to claim soreness. It's very possible, as I don't trust Boros any further than I could throw him.

  4. edward williams says:

    kind of weird as I kind of agree with everybody here, I don't trust boras either and I wouldn't put it past him to try and pull something. But I don't thing that dj would do that , only because I really can't see where it would help him in free agency. Has he been a disappointment , yea I think so, has he been real bad , no and I don't think he is a bad outfielder either. As for jaso, I scratched my head when they got him again this year, not that I didn't like him when he was here before, but I just don't see him doing anything special , of course now we may not see anything at all from him, I really hope he comes back to prove me wrong.

  5. JIMBORENO says:

    He's out.....................?????


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