Chris Archer

Over at Business Insider I took a look at the biggest bargains in baseball this season, simply by comparing the top players’ Wins Above Replacement (WAR) value to their salaries.

Bryce Harper comes out on top, having already produced 4.0 Wins this season. That translates to a value of $31.6 million, a huge value considering the Nationals are only paying Harper $2.5 million this season.

More importantly to the Rays, both Chris Archer (No. 6) and Kevin Kiermaier (No. 20) crack the top 20. In addition, if I would have expanded the list to include the top 25 players, Logan Forsythe would have made the cut, coming in at No. 25.




  1. Sean K says:

    I can't picture KK with a WAR of 2.1. He's great defensively, but a liability on offense - except for the 2 or three days a week when he's not even in the lineup and only used as a pinch hitter.

  2. Kevin says:

    Wow...Kris Bryant already on the list. He probably has half the at bats of the others.

  3. Dave L says:

    Then if you did the team version to determine lowest cost per win payroll/wins, the Astros would beat us out but the Rays would be #2 (I think)

    In evaluating KK offense I think its fairer to compare him to all other CF in MLB. I took the 2015 top 29 PA of CF and Kevin was 15 or 16 in wRC+ and OFF (offensive runs above average) two pretty good offensive numbers to compare.

    So he is exactly league average offensively for a CF in 2015, thats a good thing not bad. Defensive metrics are kind of fishy over 58 games but the eyeball test tells me he's top 8 or 10. Plus he plays the third or 4th most demanding defensive position.

    So thats a good guy to have on your team.

    If every hitter we had was league average this year with our pitching we would have the best record in baseball. He's not quite an everyday player yet but he may be soon. And remember he's just played exactly 1 full year in MLB.

    • Woodrow744 says:

      True, Dave...

      Might I add that we keep bringing these guys out of the woodwork to field a competitive team year in and year out. It appears that "the Rays way" is here to stay, and that year in, year out we can compete without $20 million/yr hitters and veterans who aren't hungry. This system ain't all that shiny, BUT is working, much to the surprise of many, many experts. Hey, what ever happened to that 'genius' manager we used to have here?

      • patrianakos says:

        Don't rip Maddon too hard - "if the season ended this morning", the Cubs are in the wild-card game.


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