USATSI_7462419_154511044_lowresIt was no surprise that the Miami Marlins fired manager Mike Redmond as the move had been rumored for weeks. What was surprising was the person hired to replace Redmond, Marlins current General Manager Dan Jennings.

Jennings has strong ties to the Rays have served as the team’s first director of scouting, hired in 1995, three years before the Devil Rays ever played a game. He held that position for seven years before being hired by the Marlins as their assistant general manager in 2002.

How much a surprise was it that the Marlins hired a person who hasn’t coached since the high school level over 30 years ago?

According to Jon Morosi, Jennings is the first manager/GM in Major League Baseball since 1990 (Bobby Cox) and even his mom thinks he is crazy.



  1. Dave L says:

    This is frankly the weirdest hire ever.

    They hire former great players with no managing experience anywhere and scant coaching resumes like hall of famers and they never seem to work out.

    Coaches who have never played MLB usually have to take a long tortured route like Cash's predecessor or Orioles current skipper, or Weaver. Some can be successful occasionally but they earned it. At least they played some MiLB

    But a guy who never managed never coached and never played MLB or MiLB for that matter?

    What is that? This guy is a suit with no credibility in a dugout. He should wear a tie like managers 100 years ago. This will end badly if it makes it to the end of the year. He is a placeholder and a guy they know wont want the job in 2016.

    Did Stanton sign off on this?

  2. Gus says:

    After hearing Jennings speak and get a peak into his folksy southern personality, I know understand better why early Devil Ray drafts were dominated by drafting big southern boys who may or may not have known how to play baseball (at one point the Rays had drafted 5 kids who were playing or were going to play college QB).

    Get Toe Nash on the line -- the Marlins need a 3b coach.

  3. Gus says:

    For younger Rays fans, this is the story of now Marlins Manager Dan Jennings fixing the great Toe Nash's batting stance. (This was not an April Fools Sidd Finch story; this really happened).


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