Yunel EscobarIn the past month and a half Yunel Escobar has been traded twice, has been forced to switch positions, and he wasn’t happy about any of it.

Escobar was “upset” about being traded by the Rays to the Oakland A’s as part of the Ben Zobrist deal according to James Wagner of The Washington Post. Escobar was not happy because he “loved playing” for the Rays.

Escobar’s comments come despite reports that the Rays would only send Zobrist to the A’s if they also took Escobar. In other words, neither team wanted him.

The A’s eventually shipped Escobar to the Nationals where he has now been moved from shortstop to second base and according to Wagner, Escobar “wasn’t thrilled” about that move either.

The Nationals have been able to calm Escobar down for the time being as he has apparently he “came around” with Escobar noting that the Nationals are “an organization that wants to win.”However, it is unclear if Escobar will stay upbeat about the move, admitting that he is struggling to learn the position.

“Everything is opposite,” Escobar told the Post. “The double play is hard for me. It’s confusing. Sometimes I still feel like I’m playing shortstop while at second. It’s hard to get used to. But with every day of work, I’ll get there.”



  1. Matt says:

    Yunel cries foul wherever he goes. Ever since he was a brave, everything always had to be his way, or he would cry about it. Nothing is given to you Yunel, especially when your an average shortstop with a declining bat and glove

  2. Gus says:

    Why hasn't any member of the press ever asked Sternberg/Silverman/Friedman why they didn't let the A's waiver claim of Escobar go through at the end of August 2014? In this space, I declared it at the time a gift from the baseball gods and the pullback the worst front office move since exposing Josh Hamilton to the Rule 5 draft. I think I have been proven right.

    Something was very odd in the Rays front office in 2014. From the seemingly panic-induced decision to dump Price (based on Dombroski's recall of the trade) to the Escobar waiver fiasco to the Molina extension to the Friedman-Maddon departures, there is a good set of stories there are inexplicable to this outside observer.

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      Panic induced? Pretty much everyone thought Price would be gone before spring training last year. The fact he was even a Ray in 2014 at all was a surprise to most. And Dombrowski didn't make it sound panic induced in any way either. Here's a video of Dombrowski making it sound pretty much the opposite of panic induced... ... I have no idea how you could come to that conclusion from anything Dombrowski said in that interview. You're over the top hatred for Friedman, Madden, and Sternberg is relentless.

      • Gus says:

        Dombroski said he had not heard from the Rays for 30 days and believed Price was not going to be traded. Then the Rays lost to the Os the day before the deadline and the Rays changed course. Dombroski said he was surprised to see Price on the block after all. That, I think, was Sternberg pulling the plug on the season, and probably sowed the seeds for Friedman and Maddon to leave. I'd note that Sternberg may have been right, but it was clear change of course for the Rays (who could have traded Price in the winter as well).

        • Ted Sheckler says:

          So you didn't bother watching the video? The one where Dombrowski himself contradicts the "30 days" part of what you just said? Dombrowski said they "talked alot about 10 days ago". The more logical assumption than "the Rays changed course" would be that Friedman had a good idea what he'd be able to get in a Detroit scenario and moved on to discussions with other teams. Of course he would wait until the deadline to make the deal. Why not? If the Rays had won 2 or 3 more games in those "10 days" it might have made more sense to hold onto him. And it gave him more time to make the best deal he could. That doesn't mean the trade was panic induced. It just means they ran out of time and had to make a decision or hold onto him and get less after the season.

  3. Dave L says:

    Gus we got something in return for Escobar.

    Thats why they didnt let him go for free.

    You advised them to let him go for nothing.

    Do you realize the implications of a waiver claim? Its taking over a salary and offering nothing in return. Im shocked you doubled down on a wacky move.

    • Gus says:

      Rays would have gotten more for Zobrist if they didn't make the A's take him. That is the implication when Cork is saying that neither team wanted Escobar in the trade. With that contract, he had negative value. Yes, giving him away in August was the move they should have made. Would have saved $800k last year and would have made the Zobrist trade better.

      • Dave L says:

        Then why did the Nats trade their best relief pitchers straight up for him??

        Your statement is patently and completely absurd. I cant believe you came back here and reminded everyone of your panic induced wanting to DFA Yunel when he had value.

        • Gus says:

          I presume the reason the Rays didn't trade Escobar directly to the Nats was that they couldn't take the $9M salary hit back and the A's (having shed everything) were in the position of adding salary back, and the Nats had better bullpen options. But you raise a fair point. It was an inxplicable trade for the Nats unless it was driven by $ relief and a delusion that Escobar will be a productive 2b.

          • Dave L says:

            Thats why your viewpoint as to Yunels low value is unsustainable.

            You view is that we paid the A's to take him then suddenly the Oakland finds a drunken sailor Nats to buy their fake Cuban Rolex is silly.

            Escobar had real value and the Rays maximized it.

            In the offseason the past season fades into memory and teams with hope look at past seasons and bank on those numbers to 'return to form'. Look at how many giddy Rays commentors here hope for Asdrubal being a 20+ homer guy. Something he did once and years ago as to be a pipe dream. And his defense is declining as well.

            Hope springs eternal.

            My ongoing point was you want to dump guys at thier nadir while a savy GM waits for the perceived value to turn maximize the ROI.

  4. Tony says:

    He whined when he was on the team, and now he's whining after he's off it. Good riddance, better off anyway without his sour attitude.


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