Nick Franklin

Nick Franklin

RAYS (1-2)

THINGS THAT STOOD OUT THIS WEEKEND: Still no sense of what is going to happen in the middle infield. Over the last few games, Nick Franklin has started at 2B and SS, Asdrubal Cabrera has started at 2B and DH, and Tim Beckham has a start at SS…The other interesting spot to watch in the Spring will be center field and it looks like we may finally be getting our wish of Desmond Jennings being moved back to left field as he started there on Saturday and Steven Souza started in center. Of course, all bets are off if David DeJesus is still on the team in April and needs to be in the lineup…The pitchers have started to look more sharp over the last couple of games with 11 strikeouts and 4 walks combined on Saturday and Sunday and only 2 of those walks coming from a pitcher that is expected to make the team…The knock on catcher Justin O’Conner is that his bat may never be big league quality and while it is VERY early, he has looked overmatched so far in the spring, going 0-4 with 3 strikeouts.


  • So much for the starting rotation being set. Drew Smyly has shoulder tendonitis and may have to start the season on the DL. []
  • John Jaso and Nick Franklin also missed time this weekend with what appear to be minor injuries. Jaso was hit by a pitch on his shin and Franklin strained a hip on a check-swing. []
  • Matthew Silverman has been consulting with players on personnel decisions. []
  • The Rays are one of three pro sports teams among “thousands of businesses, religious groups, advocacy organizations and politicians” who have filed legal briefs with the Supreme Court in support of gay marriage. [Boston Globe]
  • Wil Myers thinks the Rays gave up on him and he is using that as motivation. []

Big Tree turned the tables on reporters.

Alex Cobb has adopted a stray dog he found near camp.





  1. Dave L says:

    Its wise and good that the Rays didnt trade any player because we have "too many" pitchers, outfielders... whatever

    The Smyly status reminds us that every year players get hurt. Bubble guys like Dejesus, Colome (if he ever appears) will be sorted out by fate. Even if they experienced preternatural health in Spring for once, someone would be DL'd for the early summer for the next injury.

    When was the last time the Rays entered June, July, August with too many anything?

    • OriinalTom says:

      Why did they trade Hellickson and Joyce, if not because they had "too many" pitchers and outfielders?

      • Dave L says:

        Joyce and Hellickson got us down from Two to One "too many" of each OF and SP, respectively.

        Any more trades would have no margin for injuries which inevitably occur.

        Personally I would have kept Helli because we had more control time but The Rays and many here think he is past his "lucky" prime and headed for oblivion and Joyce was in his last year of control and youngish as well. Both Joyce and Helli had trade value.

        DeJesus is insurance and older with no hope springs eternal upside of sub 29 Helli or MattyJ so less trade value so might as well keep him.

        When Helli was first Traded he was reported to be a toss up as a possible opening Day starter for his new SP poor NL club by Ken Rosenthal.

        With team injury MattJ is now slotted as a possible every day player in his new club.

        Neither guy had a snowballs chance in Largo of being more than an afterthought in the Rays 2015 club.

        Time will tell if what we got was worth it but trading your marginal guys to teams that think they are front line players for them usually yields decent young talent.

  2. Woodrow744 says:

    Dave L,

    You're really making me go to the dictionary this early on a Monday morning?

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    *I truly hope Myers can use the perceived slight as motivation and move on to a successful career.

    *Smyly's health is key to the Rays staying competitive, we should be nervous.

    *Is anyone in the Rays-iverse surprised that Guyer got nicked-up?

    *Silverman is a smart leader, as all good leaders make the ones they lead feel as if they have input (although they rarely actually do).

    *The Boston Globe story is irrelevant... who cares- it has absolutely nothing to do with baseball and only serves as a political pot-stirrer.

    • Gus says:

      There is no doubt that the Smyly news was the headline of the weekend, especially when you learn he was already behind because of a finger issue and that he ignore the Rays throwing program and strained his shoulder in the process.

      The Rays 2015 season could truly go either way -- opening the season without the 3 best lefthanders in the organization -- McGee, Moore and Smyly -- worries me a great deal. Need to keep the optimism flowing. Need a good April-May. Once we get to June and McGee is back and Moore is on the way, then you've got a nasty looking rotation and bullpen. But they need to be able to get there, especially with an April that is all AL East.


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