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In a scary scene, a fan at Charlotte Sports Park was taken out of the stands on a stretcher after being struck by a bat during an Evan Longoria at bat.

Longoria lost control of the bat and it flew into the second section of seats where it struck an older fan wearing a Yankees cap and jersey. He did not appear to lose consciousness, but was bloodied.

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Here is the video.

According to Roger Mooney, the fan was taken to a hospital where Evan Longoria and Kevin Cash went to visit him.



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    This is where someone says, "hey, at least he finally hit something..."

  2. Carol says:

    It sounds like my brother will recover. We are grateful to the emergency personnel that took care of him and got him to the hospital. We hope That Mr. Longoria and some other players will visit him in the hospital. I understand that he got put in a regular room from intensive care this morning.

    I am writing this from Kansas. We wish we could be there to see Don, but he is being well cared for. Thanks again to EMS

    • Al Hollandersky says:

      I was sitting next to him when he got hit with the bat. It happened so fast there was nothing anyone could do.The bat missed my wife and I by INCHES! I saw him in the emergency room and he did not look good. I am glad to hear that he is out of intensive care and doing better. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Please keep us informed as to his progress.

  3. Sharon Brubaker says:

    The fan hit was my 83yr. old father Don Brubaker.He's been a season ticket holder for 17+ yrs and he suffered a serious head injury on March 10th. What's totally appalling is that Evan Longoria nor The Tampa Rays have contacted my 81 yr. old Mother, Catherine Brubaker about the well being of my Father. He's been in the hospital now for 22 days. I find that "Inconsiderate & Heartless". I'm sure if the tables were turned and it was Evan's Father or family member seriously injured, the scenario would be totally different.


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