MLB: FEB 21 Rays Spring TrainingIt is 2015 and Major League Baseball still refuses to broadcast all Spring Training games on television.

Of the Rays’ 31 spring games, only six will be televised. To make matters worse, only one of the first 20 games will be televised. Oh yay! (head hits desk).

  • March 19 vs Twins (Sun Sports)
  • March 26 vs Yankees (Sun Sports)
  • March 28 vs Red Sox (Fox Sports Florida)
  • March 29 vs Red Sox (MLB Network)
  • April 3 vs Tigers (MLB Network)
  • April 4 vs Tigers (Sun Sports)

If you have, there will be a few more available online.

  • March 9 vs Yankees
  • March 13 vs Phillies
  • March 14 vs Orioles
  • March 17 vs Phillies
  • March 22 vs Blue Jays
  • March 31 vs Red Sox
  • April 1 vs Yankees
  • April 2 vs Phillies

That is still just 14 of 31 games that will be broadcast. This boggles my mind.

Would it kill MLB to just stick a webcam in the pressbox and broadcast it with just the ambient sounds of the ballpark? Better yet, stick a GoPro to the managers or batkids. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?


  • Jake McGee is still targeting an April return. []
  • Letting the Rays leave St. Pete could mean more jobs for St. Pete. []
  • A Times editorial has 5 questions about a new stadium for the St. Pete City Council. Of course, the only question that really matters is the first one, where would the money come from? []
  • The program that sent homeless workers to Tropicana Field to work concessions without pay has been cleared of any wrongdoing. []




  1. edward williams says:

    I could never understand why the spring training games were not at least on the radio. I know the weekend games are, but you would figure all the games would be on, especially if the ratings for the regular season are so high, I guess ron and ian get better ratings, lol. Maybe put them on the internet, just boggles the mind. GO RAYS

    • FortMyersDave says:

      I think what you said about Ron and Ian is why we do not hear many Rays' Spring Training games on WDAE Edward and last season you know WDAE did not want to mess with the Jim Rome ratings either and they do not want to switch the game to 9709 AM as that would cut into the Rush Hour..... Still in the day where WMNF has 4 HD channels you'd think Clear Channel in Tampa could at least carry the game on one of their stations....

  2. Gus says:

    I'm not sure I look forward to any game all season more than the first spring training game -- MLB Network runs (on tape delay) many of the MLB.TV games, so you can catch some more there.

    With this off-season, I'd say the anticipation is even higher to see what the team will look like.

  3. edward williams says:

    if I remember correctly, and that isn't always the case, weren't the rays games back in the day on 970, and I understand the reasons for the ron and ian, i did forget about rome though. I have been to plenty of rays regular and post season games, i have never been to a spring training game. I might have to make it to one this year, of course i wasn't able to get to them when they were in st. pete. Since i am disabled and don't work anymore maybe i can get my son to drive me to a game, or maybe to one of the games around here, maybe Phillies i have heard that their stadium is real nice.

  4. edward williams says:

    what i meant was a rays game around here, i would never go to a Yankees game, lol.

  5. Mike says:

    I don't why but I can't stop looking at that picture. It's just so. . . odd. . .


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