Asdrubal Cabrera

Asdrubal Cabrera

The Rays committed $18.3 million to free agents or potential free agents this winter, less than 21 of the 29 other teams. However, that includes the $2.5 million option for Joel Peralta and the $7.5 million option for Ben Zobrist, two players who were later traded.

So the real free agency total for the Rays was $8.3 million, including $7.5 million for Asdrubal Cabrera and $800,000 for Ernesto Frieri.

For comparison, the Washington Nationals spent $224 million and the Boston Red Sox spent $214 million.

Check out the full list at BI Sports.


  • The Rays have signed middle infielder Jake Elmore to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Elmore played in 5 games for the Reds in 2014. He hit .281 with a .376 OBP, no home runs, and a nice 41-to-42 strikeout-to-walk ratio in triple-A last year.
  • The 2015 draft order is now set. The Rays have picks No. 13 in the first round, No. 52 in the second round,  and No. 87 in the third round. [Baseball America]
  • The Braves have hired Fred McGriff to be a scout and spring training instructor. []




  1. edward williams says:

    I know they are stocking up the minors and I really don't have any problems with what matt silverman has done, I just wish they would have gotten another bat, I liked jaso when he was here, but is that a bat that is going to make opposing pitchers nervous, lol. Besides longo where is the power on this team, they will have to play small ball, but than where is the speed, besides dj and kiermeyer , going to be an interesting year. I hope souza is what the rays are hoping for. I guess with the pitching staff they have they should be ok. Not too sure about the playoffs, but hey who would have thought that in 2008. I actually was in vegas that year and just for the heck of it I put down 20 dollars on the rays making the ws. who would have thought, I made 400 dollars, I should have bet more, lol. Can't wait until spring training , GO RAYS

  2. Gus says:

    I like that they haven't overcommitted themselves and, if they get off to a good start and need to add a bat, can take on the added salary without Sternberg whining about $.

    I think in many ways this is a season that can be an unexpected surprise. Just removing the dead weight of Molina and Escobar from the lineup is going to be the gift that keeps on giving to us Rays fans every night.

  3. Dave L says:

    In one of the final big moves of the offseason it was nice to see Shields get signed by the Padres (for me). I have been afraid for the past few weeks that Boston or NYY would break out some monopoly money they print and then I have to hate the guy who has been my favorite XRay lately.

    For Shields though its going to an awakening. He's always been a fly ball kind of pitcher and Trop and KC were not to bad for pitchers as is San Diego as well,so alls good there. But on the other hand he had good defense especially most of his Rays time, then he goes to KC and has baseball's version of the matrix patrolling the outfield last year.

    Well now he turns around and sees JUpton in left and Myers and Kemp doing what they do in wherever they end up. Its going to a rude awakening that he's not in Kansas(City) anymore Toto. Theres no DH to hide anybody.

    Better key up the Benny Hill music.

  4. edward williams says:

    I agree with dave, I am glad to see shields get a good deal, and was a little nervous that he would sign with Yankees or red sox. Kind of weird watching and listening to all the pundits some say rays are going to be good some say bad, it's hard to really see this team being real good, like playoff good , or real bad. It is going to be an interesting year. The one thing I find funny though is all the people saying that the cubs are going to be so much better because of joe. Now I'm not taking anything away from what he did here, but did he really make the team that much better, or where they already good. I don't want to say he didn't do anything but I was always under the impression that a manager only was worth a couple of wins and a couple of losses, ok enough I'm not going to get into that again, we have a whole new bunch of guys and im hoping that they at least make things exciting.


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