Today was the first press conference of the season on the eve of pitchers and catchers reporting and boy did things look different compared to last year.

Gone are Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman. In their place was Matt Silverman and Kevin Cash. But that wasn’t the only difference. Also gone was the sunshine and Maddon’s RV, a scene that was almost certainly Maddon’s idea.

Things are going to be a little more boring this year.


For those curious, the high temperature today in Port Charlotte was 63. Last year it was 64.



  1. Nick says:

    I will take boring press conferences all year long if the team is exciting on the field. I believe that not watching Molina ground out or hit into a double play 4 times a game is a good start.

  2. Dave L says:

    When I woke up in my Venice home yesterday it was 34 degrees. It was the coldest night of the year by far. For us locals thats like a polar vortex. The day before it was cold and very windy.

    Note that in 2014 most were in short sleeves and some had shorts outdoors.

    Note that in 2015 even though indoors everyone was bundled up in jackets.

    I dont care what the weather report said the high temperature was yesterday or in 2014. Yesterday at 9 am it was the coldest day of the year here. It was blue skies though. What time did this press conference take place?

  3. Starmand says:

    As long as hot-hitting, in-the-zone players are not benched, seemingly "to cool-off" like it was with Maddon, it will not be boring.

    I like the Rays' chances this year.


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