Joe Maddon

The investigation into tampering charges against the Chicago Cubs for the hiring of Joe Maddon has taken an interesting twist.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Rays claim to have proof that the Cubs tampered with Maddon while he was still manager of the Rays.

A lot of people were surprised to hear that there was even still an investigation. But as I wrote previously, Major League Baseball is taking this very seriously, and has even assigned the same group that investigated Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis scandal to look into the allegations, which means they are going to be very thorough.

The interesting question now is, what exactly constitutes proof in this case? Clearly the Cubs and Maddon are not going to admit anything to the Rays. So there must be a paper trail somewhere.

Did somebody send an email to Maddon’s Rays Baseball email address?

Nah. Nobody would be that dumb, right?



  1. sledge says:

    No one would be dumb enough to send that email, but they would be dumb enough to call him on his cell phone that the Rays pay for and forget that someone might see the call logs... And I always loved Joe, but you know he's just arrogant enough to believe he'd never get caught.

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    If this can be proven, there needs to be a real punishment to Maddon and some sort of restitution to the Rays. Maddon should be suspended for the season to force the Cubs to scramble and the Rays should receive a large payment from the Cubs and a player and/or the Cubs top draft pick as it might have been if the Cubs had traded in order to obtain Maddon (much like compensation for Farrell, Guillen, and Piiella was handled).

    • Steve says:

      Suspended for the season? Come on now. Really?

      • Geoff Peterson says:

        If true, he knowingly spoke to another team while under contract with the Rays. If the punishment is minor, what will stop the Yankees, red Sox, etc. from just doing the same thing going forward and just paying the fine? Whatever the punishment is for this, it sets the precedent for any future incidents. What would stop players from doing the same? It's like tampering with a pending free agent.

  3. Dave L says:

    Rays will get at best a 6th round pick from the Cubs, case closed move on

    No need to .blow it out of proportion. You cant realistically forbid humans from communicating hypotheticals and what ifs directly or through intermediaries any more today than you could 50 years ago.

    There is no ethical crime here as well. Its business. If the Rays didn't want him to opt out they shouldn't have put it in the contract

    • Ken says:

      Excellent summation of the situation. Move on indeed. I was never a huge Maddon fan but I still respect his right to shop his talents to the highest bidder. Rays are going in a new direction with Cash at the helm. Let's all turn our focus to 2015. The Maddon/Friedman era is over.

      • FortMyersDave says:

        Good point, just take a draft pick from the Cubs, let BSPN and the MLB Network spout off about it for 15 minutes and then move on. Of course MLB network and BSPN will use the opening to say something derogatory about the Rays, the Trop and the rumors about a move to Montreal in discussing Maddon's departure. And look, if the Rays really wanted to keep Maddon they probably could have gave him a huge raise and allowed him to stay; it would probably cost less than what they are eating on Brant Ballfour's contract so I am guessing that Silverman and Stu Sternberg were probably okay with Joe moving on anyways; kind of like the Glazers with Dungy....

  4. mep645 says:

    Ever hit "Reply all" instead of "Reply"? It happened at a job of mine. My boss contracted the applicant's current boss by email to get personal performance info about them. The applicant got the current boss's less than stellar review in their mailbox along with my boss. I only wish my boss would have followed the review and not hired him.

  5. Gus says:

    If you give a guy a week to opt out of his contract after an ownership change (Buffalo Bills) or GM change (Rays), then it seems to be crazy to expect him to NOT check around and see what his options were during that week. Totally different than if a manager under contract is negotiating with other teams (in which case I would agree that a big sanction would be appropriate).

    It was a bad contract clause and the Rays executives or lawyers who approved it should be the ones punished, not Maddon.

  6. MickeyB says:

    Come on get over this one. I was sorry to see Joe go but the Rays didn't do
    any thing to keep him there.Quit crying and grow up.

  7. Bobby Jones says:

    Forget Maddon, we want Dave M. back. Maddon would be lost with out his interpreter and Cash could use him but the Rays burnt that bridge. Dave never received the credit he deserved.


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