MLB: World Series-San Francisco Giants at Kansas City RoyalsWhen was the last time former MLB commissioner Bud Selig said something positive about Tampa and St. Petersburg? I’m sure there were a few, but I certainly can’t remember any recently.

Well, we have a new commissioner and this one managed to say something realistic without disparaging the Bay Area.

In an interview with Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, Rob Manfred said Tampa-St. Pete can indeed be a good baseball market, with one big “if” that most of us already know.

“I think with an appropriate facility that Tampa Bay can be a vibrant major-league market,” Manfred said.

This is in stark contrast to Selig threatening to intervene in “troubling” stadium situation, or when he called the attendance “inexcusable” as if nothing would make it better, or the time he suggested that the Bay Area is a “lost cause,” or the time Selig basically ordered the Rays to give up on the Tampa-St. Pete area.

Of course, Manfred’s comments aren’t going to solve the stadium problem. But they sound a lot more like he is willing to help instead of whatever Selig was doing.


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  1. Geoff Peterson says:

    Selig is a rich douche with no tact and as commissioner was a stooge for the big market teams. For baseball to stay popular, all the markets need to have success. They need to realize the game has evolved and it's TV contracts that drive the dollars more than attendance.


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