Joe MaddonThe Rays have announced that Fan Fest, also known as “who are these guys?” will be Saturday, February 21 from 11 am until 4 pm.

As in years past, autographs for specific players will require a special pass which must be purchased ahead of time. Those passes are not on sale yet and it is unclear how much they will cost.


  • The tampering charges the Rays filed against the Cubs over the hiring of Joe Maddon are still on the table and investigators are still gathering information. [BostonGlobe]
  • Teams are already calling the Oakland A’s to see if they will trade Ben Zobrist. [SusanSlusser]
  • Ken Rosenthal says James Shields would be a good fit for the Marlins. [Ken_Rosenthal]




  1. Tony says:

    Glad they waited until just a month before fan fest to announce the date, seeing as I need to secure plane tickets, schedule time off, etc. I get that most people going are local, but I think at times they forget about people that live out of state. Maybe I'm complaining a bit too much (or blowing it out of proportion), just annoying.

    • Michael says:

      Have you ever been to FanFest before? It is ALWAYS the weekend after pitchers and catchers report. If you want to book a flight for 2016 right now, I can tell you when FanFest will be: Saturday, February 20th. Mark it down.

      • Tony says:

        I have, but show me where it states "FanFest is always the weekend after pitchers/catchers report". Suppose I'll just assume from here on out.

  2. FortMyersDave says:

    I wonder how MLB can investigate tampering charges? Seems to me one would have to have access to a lot of personal data: in particular cell phone, e-mail and text exchanges between Theo, Maddons agent, Maddon and some underlings in the Cubs front office that would act as intermediaries to murk up the cell phone trail and I thought only law enforcement could gather that info with the aid of a search warrant and I doubt if Theo the agent or Maddon are going to give up this info voluntarily. Maybe MLB retains some PIs who delve into gray areas and can get this info w/o too much resistance. But to sum up my thought: yeah I think the Maddon's agent put out some feelers when he saw the glitch in Maddon's contract that allowed him to bolt if Friedman left and then some discreet inquiries were made with Maddon first resigning to allow open conversations and then the actual hiring. I'm still a bit mad @ the Rays if it really was a question of coin when it came to retaining Maddon but Joe also came across as somewhat phony/dishonest after giving that impassioned speech of how much he loved the Bay area and managing the Rays after Friedman took off for LA only to leave for the Cubs himself a few days later...... In a way I would not mind if Maddon does not have the same success in Chicago on account as I now view Maddon with somewhat less respect than before; I bet he would be a darn good used car salesman; he had me fooled....


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