Ben ZobristBill Chastain spoke with Ben Zobrist about being traded:

“Today’s been a little bit harder of a day than yesterday … Yesterday was a little bit of a shock. Didn’t really spend much time thinking about it, though, because I had a birthday party thing going on with a friend of mine, so I wasn’t thinking about it a whole lot. This morning I woke up and kind of realized our time in Tampa Bay is definitely over. It was definitely a little bit emotional.”


  • The Rays signed 1B/3B Juan Francisco to a minor league deal. Francisco has played parts of six seasons with four different teams. He hit .220 with 16 home runs for the Blue Jays last year. [Matt Eddy]
  • Matt Moore is still hoping to return to competition in June. It’s not clear if that is when he hopes to join the Rays or if that is when he hopes to start a rehab assignment. [MLB Network Radio]
  • Ryan Lawrence of wonders if the Rays are now the odds-on favorite to trade for Ryan Howard. []
  • “…one rival executive said losing [Ben Zobrist] is like losing three players.” []
  • The Rays discussed a 3-team trade with the Nationals and the Mets that would have sent Ben Zobrist to the Nats and the Rays would have received “top Mets prospects.” [Fox Sports]
  • The Cleveland Indians may have been the mystery team that made a contract offer to James Shields worth more than $100 million. []




  1. Aaron says:

    I'm still confused as to why the Rays didn't at least make one offer to Ben to try to keep him. Maybe he would have said no. But maybe he would have said yes, I'll take a pay cut to stay here.

    • Skateman says:

      Because he'll be 34 years old in May and his power numbers are already declining. Why pay a guy like that $10 million a year? Too big a risk for a small market team like the Rays. This has been there M.O. for years. They get a strong lefty bat in the line-up for this year (Jaso), and boost the farm significantly with Robertson and to a lesser extent, Powell. Zobrist is a plus defender at 2nd and COF, but we have young guys like Franklin, Kiermaier, and Souza who also look like solid defenders at the same positions.

  2. Dave L says:

    Ken Rosenthal confirmed what I alluded to the other day about Jaso.

    He will not be our 1# or #2 catcher even.

    Lets face it he was not a good catcher but even he got because a better backstop and game caller for Oakland, I think the concussion issue has influenced his move to DH, 1B and Outfield.

    I dont know if he will cut the mustard as a defensive outfielder but maybe when his bat is needed like late in games where we trail, then why not.

  3. FortMyersDave says:

    Curious as to which prospects the Mets did not want to part with to make the Zobrist deal work? Nonetheless I think Donaldson was a good return for Zorilla, Boog Powell a potential bat/contributor in a few seasons and Jaso will be a decent DH and 3rd/emergency catcher...


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