Ben ZobristEarlier today the Tampa Bay Rays traded Ben Zobrist and Yunel Escobar to the Oakland A’s for John Jaso and a pair of prospects.

The move was just the latest in the complete dismantling of the team that we knew as the 2014 Tampa Bay Rays.

We still have more than a month to go before pitchers and catchers report to spring training and already 14 players from the 2014 opening day roster are gone.

Here is the full list:

  • Jose Molina (released)
  • Ryan Hanigan (traded to the San Diego Padres)
  • Ben Zobrist (traded to the Oakland A’s)
  • Yunel Escobar (traded to the Oakland A’s)
  • Wil Myers (traded to the San Diego Padres)
  • Matt Joyce (traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near Disneyland)
  • Sean Rodriguez (traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • David Price (traded to the Detroit Tigers)
  • Jeremy Hellickson (traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks)
  • Joel Peralta (traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Heath Bell (released)
  • Cesar Ramos (traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim near Disneyland)
  • Josh Lueke (released)
  • Juan Carlos Oviedo (released)

Of course, this doesn’t even include Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman as well as Dave Martinez, and George Hendrick from the coaching staff.

At this point, nobody is safe. I am fully expecting to be traded to the Cubs by the end of the week.



  1. BJ says:

    We really are becoming the real life "Major League".

  2. edward williams says:

    yea but what does thier sabermetric scores , mean, lol right now i am glad i know absolutly nothing about w.a.r. etc, I think my head would explode.

  3. rayzfan says:

    with the exception of Price, not a single one of those 14 were anything great. They either couldn't pitch, or they couldn't hit above .240. I'm not saying we're a better team now, but we're not much worse, if at all.

  4. Nathan says:

    Of the 14, the only ones that helped the team significantly were Price and Zobrist. Everyone else was replaceable. I don't expect a drop off for 2015. This gives other guys a chance to step up. Maybe with regular at bats Forsythe hits .270, 15 HR, 70 RBI. Madson spread out the at bats so much that we don't know what some of our guys can do with regular playing time.

  5. Political_Man says:

    Pretty obvious the bullpen is better and if Balfour improves it has a chanice to be dominant. If the starting pitching stays healthy you get improvement out of that group by default even losing Price.

    We definitely get more offensive production out of the catcher position, that's a given. If Longoria goes back to being Longo and Souza is as advertised, suddenly this team can get average offensively, very quickly.

    I'm not saying we are wored beaters but I think we are much better than people think.

  6. TOM says:

    I didn't like losing Zobrist but he would have been gone in a year anyway. The rest I could care less about. Thank God we're finally rid of fat ass Molina. Whoever was responsible for signing him to that two year contract should have been fired on the spot. Overall I think we got some pretty good players & saved some money.

  7. Dave L says:

    If you want to know the value of the moves, look at the list of Rays org representation on the Top 200 list of prospects on opening day 2014 and then compare it to the Rays MiLB players on the list Opening Day 2015, highlight those guys in yellow marker and follow those guys to see how many progress and how many make it to the Opening Day rosters of '16, '17, '18 etc....

    We must have infused 25+ 18 to 23yo guys into the lower ranks. None of the kids we gave in return looked like future world beaters.

    Is this team better than last years team? Who knows. If 3/5 of our starting rotation goes down for signifigant portions of the year again, then yeah we will be on the bad side of .500 once again


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