Wil Myers

It sounds like Wil Myers is about to be the latest piece from the 2013 season to leave the Rays.

According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com, the trade with the Padres is “nearing the finish line.”

Casnick adds that the trade appears to be just a 2-team trade but that the Rays may then flip “one of the pieces” they receive to another team.

Ken Rosenthal adds that the Rays are working on a “multitude of things” including the Myers trade and that other teams are involved.

Yesterday we heard that some of the names being mentioned included the Padres top prospect, catch Austin Hedges, and one of their top pitching prospects, right-hander Burch Smith.

However, Jim Bowden of ESPN says Hedges will not be in the trade and that Smith is, along with Jake Bauers, Joe Ross, and two others.



  1. paco says:

    Sigh, if we're trading Wil we should be getting more than a 220-hitting catching prospect. I'll reserve judgment till we get all the details but what I've heard doesn't make me happy.

  2. JMN says:

    This deal will be worthless if they don't pick up Austin Hedges.

  3. JMN says:

    "Lousy hitter. Not something the Rays need more of."

    So is this proven? He was rookie of the year 2 seasons ago then hit a sophomore slump. I think we need more than one bad season to evaluate him for the rest of his career and label him as a lousy hitter. I'm not against trading him as long as the Rays can get the right pieces and the catcher they were going after was one of them.


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