Sean RodriguezWill Hobson of the Tampa Bay Times has a fascinating and sad story about a local homeless program that appears to have taken advantage of local homeless people by having them work without pay at local sporting events.

The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the teams accused of using the free labor during home games at concession stands.

This is an ugly situation, but we need to keep in mind that the Rays’ involvement here is complicated.

The concessions are run by another company, Center Plate and they claim they were unaware that the homeless men were not being paid. If they didn’t know, it is almost certain that the Rays were unaware also.

Still, the concessions were at The Trop and the homeless people were used during Rays games which means it was happening on the Rays’ watch.

Are the Rays responsible? Ultimately, no. But I’m not sure they are completely innocent here either and there may be plenty of blame to go around.


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  1. Political_Man says:

    Look, mistakes happen. Oversights occur. In my opinion the Rays should be judged on what they do do rectify the situation and to make these people whole for the work they did.

  2. James says:

    The homeless are getting room and board at the shelter that they are staying at. Either way we're not talking about a lot of money. They could choose to go to another shelter or pan handle on the street.


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