Wil MyersThe big news is the trade being discussed between the Rays and the Padres for Wil Myers which is reportedly “very close” to happening.

The one major update that came overnight was several reports that a third team could be involved. Marc Topkin heard it is a 3-team deal. Others are saying it is just a 2-team deal, but that one or more pieces would then be flipped to a third team in a second trade.

The two most likely teams to be involved would be the Atlanta Braves and Seattle Mariners. The Padres are reportedly also interested in Justin Upton, so maybe Myers gets flipped to the Braves. The Mariners may finally be willing to part with prized pitching prospect Taijuan Walker.


  • The other big news yesterday was the report that Jake McGee had arthroscopic surgery on his elbow. It doesn’t sound serious (had a “loose body” removed), but he will start the season on the DL. McGee told Marc Topkin he expects to be back in late April or early May, which in Rays Years is late June. [@TBTimes_Rays]
  • “Highest marks ever” for Joe Maddon’s new Tampa restaurant. [TampaBay.com]
  • Oh yay! “Yankees players to read ‘Night Before Christmas’ in Tampa, St. Pete.” [TBO.com]
  • Here is one proposal to raise the tourist tax to pay for a new stadium. Tourist taxes always make me laugh. Isn’t that the ultimate “taxation without representation”? [TampaBay.com]

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  1. Dave L says:

    Corey Brock ESPN.com

    "Such a deal would likely mean the Padres would part with a handful of Minor League prospects, such as catcher Austin Hedges, the top defensive catcher in the Minor Leagues and who is regarded the team's No. 1 prospect according to MLB.com's Pipeline."

    Sounds good

  2. Dave L says:

    mlb.com sorry

  3. LaneMeyer says:

    Great, another catcher than can't hit. I would have been ok with another year of Tubby if he could have hit .250 with 10/60 stats.

  4. Dave L says:

    Hedges is 22 in AA and rated by some as the Padres top prospect.

    If he is part of " a handful of Minor League prospects" it looks it could be fruitful.

    MLB tv had preliminarily projected Myers being their primary CF. That would be an adventure.

  5. Alex says:

    Why are people so obsessed with a catcher that can "hit"? Excluding the top dogs, Yadie, Posey, S Perez, most catchers are not good hitters. It's the reality of life in major league baseball. Having a sound defensive catcher is a lot more important than having a guy hit .250 10/60 with horrible defense. Catchers breakdown. If a guy is a good or even great hitter you would not keep him at catcher. There's a reason Posey plays first base so much. Yadier is a once a generation type guy

  6. Gus says:

    Myers must be some kind of issue off the field because on the field, you just don't find raw power in the game like his today absent PEDs and to trade him this young, this cheap and coming off this disaster of a season is otherwise against everything the Rays franchise has stood for in the last decade.

    Silly me, I was hoping Cash would try and move him back to catcher. With his seeming disinterest in the game, putting him behind the plate would at least make him pay attention. He was a major disapointment in 2014, but you have to have a real major leaguer who can hit around Longoria to keep Longoria from going insane.

    Assuming the trade goes through, it will be a completely different team than the team that broke camp in 2014. Not quite a Marlins 2003 dismantle, but getting close with Maddon, Friedman, Price, Hellickson and Myers all gone. That is 3 Rookies of the Year and a 2-time manager of the year out the door, not the mention the Executive of the Year winner with really nothing much to replace it (Smiley was nails). Maybe Stu is vaporizing the team in slow motion and we haven't realized it.

    But more than anything, you need to give Cash a narrative for 2015. I'm struggling to see what that might be.

  7. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    I was willing to accept 180 K's per season in exchange for 30-40 HR's, but apparently the Rays are not.

  8. mep645 says:

    What a change! In Sept, Rays FO said that there would be few changes for 2015. This was disheartening since 2014 was not a great year, so why do the same thing in 2015?

    Well, 2015 looks to be a near-total rebuild. Out with Maddon, Martinez, Helly, Molina, Peralta, Sean Rod and Matty Joyce. Now out with Wil Myers. Let's face it..Wil did not set the Rays on fire like promised. His fielding did not get better, his injury to right wrist was totally his fault by crashing into Jennings in Jenning's territory, letting the ball drop in front of him during the 2013 playoff game with Boston, hitting 143 in August of 2014, 2014 average of 221, video of him falling asleep standing up in right field etc.

    Perhaps a new team with sterner coaching and change of managers would be best for his career. He has probably10 more years in him but Rays can't wait for him to get better. MLB doesn't understand why Rays are trading him. I guess it is the same reason that Rays trades BJ Upton in 2012..because it really was better for the team. Buy low and sell high.


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