Earlier today, Stuart Sternberg was a guest on the MLB Network’s “High Heat,” and was asked about a number of topics including the new agreement that would allow the Rays to buy their way out of their contract with the city of St. Pete to use Tropicana Field.

Sternberg was non-committal on whether the team is definitely going to leave St. Pete and move to Tampa, repeatedly saying the new spot needs to be “pitch perfect” to maximize the ability of the area to support the team.

The other big point Sternberg made on the stadium was the time frame. Yesterday we speculated that under the most optimistic scenario, the earliest the Rays could move into a new stadium is 2019. Sternberg says the Rays will be at The Trop for five more years “at the very least.” That means the Rays won’t move into a new stadium until 2020.

At that point, the buyout for the Trop contract would cost just $17 million.

Here is that portion of the interview via the MLB Network.


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  1. edward williams says:

    what is it with this area, do we really have to suck to get a good owner, we had I believe 2 owners of the lightning before we won the cup, of course who could forget Culverhouse, and now with the rays we started out with namoli and sucked than Sternberg takes over and everything looks pretty good, we go to a world series , playoffs, than bam one crappy year and everybody bails and the owner even looks like he is ready to bail. Of course he does this every off season so I shouldn't be surprised, but I am getting real tired of it all, I am still going to follow the rays , but if they leave that may be it for me and baseball.


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