Earlier today we talked about Stuart Sternberg’s appearance on the MLB Network and his comments regarding the new stadium. Later in the interview Sternberg was also asked if he was still bitter about how Joe Maddon left the Rays and ended up as the manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Straight and to the point, Sternberg said “no” he is not over it, saying “we’ll leave it at that” after laughing.

Sternberg did go on to say that he loves Joe but that the tampering charges against the Cubs are still on the table.

During this segment, Sternberg also discusses the process of hiring a new manager and how it came down to the final three candidates.



  1. Gus says:

    Stu definitely raising his public profile. We know it was he who pulled the trigger on the Price trade; will be interesting to see if he is assuming more of a hands on Jerry Jones type ownership. Certainly it is pretty thin at the top of the Rays org chart when you compare it to other teams. In last 2 years the brain drain includes losing Hunsicker, Zimmer, Friedman and Maddon without much in the way of replacements (certainly replacements with any baseball executive/managerial experience).

    Could probably use a wise old baseball sage somewhere in the organization I think.

    • Dave L says:

      I agree that interview alarmed me.

      My main takeaway from the High Heat interview was that Stu was selling the idea that the Rays will stand pat mostly in 2015 because its the same team SI (unspoken amongst others) picked the Rays as 2014 World Series Champs so WTF lets roll with it!

      Optimistic? Yes
      Convieniently justifies an excuse to not increase payroll? Definitely
      A recipe for a successful 2015 campaign? Color me skeptical.

      Stu was waaaay too comfortable in that interview, discussing specific players names. I have the feeling Stu and Matt watched AF operate and said hey! we can do this too!

      Scary stuff

  2. IMHO, I think Stu let Maddon go because he was the face of the Ray's. When Joe Maddon presented a counter offer much less than 5 million/yr he was shown the door. History will tell us who made an unforgettable management mistake. I thought the comment coming from Matt Silverman was very telling, when he said they justified hiring Cash because in 2015 the Rays's team manager should not be the face of the organization. I think the Wall Street boys got SPANKED by Maddon.

    • Dave L says:

      Personally i'm much less worried about Cash replacing former manager than I am a weak Matt replacing the GM with our owner morphing into a Dan Snyder like boss (sorry I can't think of a baseball equivalent) pulling the strings.

      Cash while likely a fine fellow and hopefully a good manager is certainly the anti Maddon from a force of personality perspective.

      Its interesting how the long knives have come out for Joe.

      Cobb had a relatively long impromptu interview with Duemig today on the radio in Fergs(?) I caught it midstream driving over the Skyway then had to take a work call and missed the end.

      The after interview conclusion the interviewer had was that many players would not miss the skipper. Did anyone catch if Cobb actually fed that line of thinking in what he said or was it Duemig just assuming it?

      • Woodrow744 says:

        Dave L, Cobber was careful in his interview. He didn't come close to letting us know what he thought of Maddon's departure. It was yet another case of Duemig flexing his ego. He never liked Maddon because he was anything but "old school."

  3. Berdj Rassam says:

    I would be too - Maddon is a very good manager.

  4. edward williams says:

    I have to say that I agree about duemig, but I kind of agree about the old school way, not sure about the knives coming out for joe, sure there have been some hate maddon people, well maybe hate is too strong, I for one thought it was time for joe to go, I don't like the way he did it, but I don't hate him for it, one because just by going the way this organization works (cheap) I probably would have taken the opportunity also, but I would have waited for my contract is up, I know he had the clause, but he talked about how much he loved the rays and wanted to be one for life , but when his clause kicked in , he high tailed it out of here. It made me wonder , after one year of bad baseball both Andrew and joe ran out of here like their pants where on fire. lol , oh well that is over with and it is now time for the cash era, I mean the manager because we know the real cash $$ era will never come with this owner, i'm sorry I know he spent 80 million last year, but we are finding out that is not enough. Anyway I wish the new manager all the best and I will still be rooting for the team and going to the games, I also with everybody out there a very merry Christmas.


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