Steve SouzaThe Rays still have not reached a deal with the Padres for Wil Myers but we are starting to get a better idea of what the trade might look like and who the third team is.

If the Rays can complete the trade for Myers they would then turn around and trade one or more of the players received from the Padres to the Washington Nationals. The Rays would then receive Nationals prospect, outfielder Steven Souza, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

It is unclear how many players would be involved in that trade.

Souza, who will turn 26 in April, was just the tenth-best prospect in the Nationals’ organization entering the 2014 season. However, he had a breakout season, hitting .350 with a .432 OBP and 18 home runs in 96 games. He also had a very nice 75-to-52 strikeout-to-walk ratio suggesting that the production is sustainable at the big league level.

Souza was named the International League’s MVP, leading the league in hitting, OBP, and slugging.

Souza had three different stints with the Nationals during the regular season, going 3-23 with two home runs.

Sherman also notes that the Nationals are looking for a second baseman, but that Ben Zobrist would not be part of the deal.



  1. Gus says:

    He saved that season ending no hitter with a crazy catch, so we know Souza can defend with range. Similar to Keirmayer. Interesting. At least MLB ready.

  2. roberto says:

    Let's stop. Time to get serious and based on today's news move this team to Havana. Yeah, I'm not kidding. Forget Will Myers, forget Fort Myers, forget Tampa/St Pete, and forget an always half-empty ball yard half-filled with yawning retirees from Yonkers. You want a passionate fan base, I mean ravenous baseball fans clamoring to see this team play everyday, well viva la revolucion! The Rays move to Cuba and it will be the biggest party since Castro marched out of the mountains and arrived in Havana. Oh, and we'd finally have a big-league payroll to play with, maybe sign Price and Shields again, hola amigos. We might even lure Maddon back from the Cubs, he always struck me as a communist anyway. This is a win-win situation never mind that the Cubans are the most literate and healthy people in the world. That means everyone can read and they'll be able to STAND UP AND CHEER (without leaning on a walker). I'm pumped! I'm jacked! Let's make this happen. And the downside you ask? Well there isn't one. Think back to oh I don't know, say Aug.19th. How pathetic was Aug 19th 2014 in Rays history, a pretty pathetic day in a pretty pathetic season (and they might have actually won a game). The average Cuban loves America and loves baseball. Sure, for a period of time they had their undies in a bunch, I mean we tried to kill Castro about a thousand times and sponsored an invasion but no biggy, time heals all wounds, now let's play ball!


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