Kevin Cash is the new manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. Shortly after the announcement, he appeared on the MLB Network to talk about his new gig.

There is not a lot of substance here. It is mostly just Cash saying how great it is and how excited he is. But for many of you this is your first opportunity to hear the new Rays manager speak.



  1. Woodrow744 says:

    Carlos Pena looked far happier than Cash himself.

  2. STARMAND says:

    I'm excited to visualize that on their first clothes-themed trip, the Rays will wear Nantucket Reds.

    Actually, I dare them to wear Nantucket Reds. 🙂

  3. Connie Lee says:

    he has an interesting accent - anyone know what it's from???

  4. Beazy245 says:

    Pena, NEWSFLASH, it's Tampa Bay or Saint Petersburg or St. Pete, not simply Tampa!


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