Joe MaddonAfter negotiating his 5-year, $25 million contract with the Chicago Cubs, Joe Maddon made one last offer to the Rays according to Jon Heyman of

But while Heyman describes the offer as a “real effort to stay in Tampa Bay,” Maddon almost certainly knew the offer would be rejected which means the offer was more of a symbolic gesture than a desire to actually remain the manager of the Rays.

Reports say that the Rays were offering a contract worth as much as $3 million per year. However, it is believed that the Rays and Maddon discussed deals ranging from three to ten years in length.

If we assume that the 3-year offer had the highest per-year average, then the Rays’ best offer may have been a 3-year, $9 million contract, a decent raise from his previous 3-year, $5.5 million contract, but still a far cry from what the Cubs were offering.

When it comes to contracts, the Rays tend to make offers rather than negotiate. That is, they have an idea of what somebody is worth and they make an offer. At the point it is simply up to the other side to accept it or reject it.

While there may have been more wiggle room with Maddon, the two sides were just too far apart and Maddon and his agent knew that.

So why make the offer? Maybe Maddon wanted to mend some hurt feelings that arose during the “contentious” negotiations (at one point, Heyman does describe the offer as an “olive branch”). Or maybe Maddon wanted to save face a little bit with the Rays fans who see him as being greedy or with other fans who see him as a guy who played dirty and took a job somebody else already had.

Either way, once Maddon opted-out of his contract (and maybe even before then) he was gone and he was never coming back making Maddon’s “offer” was pretty meaningless.



  1. Dave L says:

    So in the one hand 3 years $9M in the other 5 years $25M? hmmm...

    What was the mysterious counter-offer? I'll stay for 4/$20M? Its just a cute story that need not require the benefit of truth.

    As we predicted before hand once we saw what the former manager would ultimately sign for, we would realize we were never realistically going to EVER re-sign him or the GM.

    Of course his agent put out feelers beforehand and knew that if he just simply jumped in the water a yacht sized lifeboat or two, would instantly appear. and once he dried off he would find an ascot tie and crisp blue blazer hanging in the stateroom tailored to just his size.

  2. LaneMeyer says:

    It's gonna suck when Maddon finds out there's not an endless supply of quality arms in the Cubs farm system. And while big free agent pitchers often succeed, they also often fail and usually in the first few years of a long contract.

    • OriginalTom says:

      The Cubs farm system is stocked with position players though. I wonder if Maddon will be able to lure Shields or Price. It is hard to imagine the cubs not making the playoffs 2-4 times over the next half dozen years.


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