Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria was a guest on the MLB Network this afternoon and of course he was asked about the list of managerial candidates.

Amazingly, Longoria was asked if he knew any of the candidates (hello! Dave Martinez? Charlie Montoyo?).

But Longo handled the question in stride and went on to comment on Martinez’ candidacy, calling him “the obvious pick for the job.”

“There has been so much change this offseason already,” said Longoria. “[The Rays] may not want to bring in further change and [Martinez] would obviously be the guy that could sooth things over and has a feel for what goes on in the clubhouse.”

It is unclear if Longoria is actually endorsing Martinez to be the next manager or just saying that Martinez is an obvious candidate for the job. You decide.



  1. Dave L says:

    Martinez has been the leading candidate for so many jobs in recent years, but then comes the all important interview and pffffffft it all falls apart and he gets passed over.

    I think he need to rethink the interview process and since the Rays say they want to be deliberate, he has plenty of time to prepare.

    And also plenty of time to regrow that epic Leonidas beard, then show up at the interview wearing only a loincloth and red cape brandishing a shield, a Dory and a countenance of fierce determination and he will not be denied.

  2. DRR says:

    The unfortunate part of this is that, if it is anyone other than Martinez, they are going to have to immediately deal with questions about this. Usually a new manager gets to jump in with a lot of promise and potential. I don't like the idea of anyone starting with the "is Longo upset?" questions.

  3. Alex says:

    In an attempt to stay ahead of Andrew Friedman and his 20 man GM front office thing he has going on, the Rays will strive to stay ahead of the pack. They will buck conventional thinking and the way things have been done in the past. One manager? Ha! The Rays will sign two or three managers. The new Rays way


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