Joe Maddon and Dave MartinezBack in September when we discussed the possibility of Joe Maddon not managing the Rays in 2015, the uneasiness of the thought was muted a bit because we knew the Rays have Dave Martinez waiting in the wings and nobody knows the ways of Maddon better than Martinez.

But while Martinez is certainly a candidate, there is no guarantee he will take over Maddon’s office next season. In fact, Matt Silverman made it clear today that they don’t have a specific name in mind to replace Maddon.

Following the announcement that Maddon was opting out, Silverman said that the team will conduct “a deliberate and comprehensive search that will include both internal and external candidates.”

He added that “there is “no timetable” and that they will take as long as needed “to get the right guy.”

But there is a bigger reason why I would not be surprised if the Rays decided to go in another direction.

The Rays always have a plan even if they don’t need one. If that plan was “promote Dave Martinez” it would have already happened.

Think all the way back to when Andrew Friedman left to become the president of baseball operations with the Dodgers. The Rays already had succession plan in place and they immediately named Matthew Silverman as the new head of baseball operations.

This doesn’t mean that Martinez won’t be the next manager. Rather, it just means he will probably have to interview for the job along with several other candidates and so far, that hasn’t worked out too well for Martinez.



  1. Flip says:

    I welcome a change. Go Rays!

  2. Dave L says:

    This is sort of a chicken and egg situation with AF and JM.

    Fact #1) Andrew Friedman knew he wasn't given the monetary leeway to resign Joe Maddon past 2015, so JM would leave after 2015.

    Fact #2) AF usually trades valuable assets one year before they walk if we can get real value for them and we can have a suitable replacement.

    Speculation #1) AF probably knew JM had an opt out clause if he left even though no one in the sports media was aware of it.

    So this begs the question.

    Why the hell didn't Friedman trade Maddon so we could get some value in return?

    Silverman could do nothing because once AF left Joe could walk. I think Maddon had trade value and AF last act should have been to trade Joe.

    Now I know how it feels to root for a AAA franchise minus the IL Titles.

    Or a former Expos fan.

    Talking heads on MLB Network think JoeMa ends up with the Cubs. At least the field configuration will feel familiar.

  3. Woodrow744 says:

    Good to hear from you, Dave L. Your takes are always interesting.

    Mr. Sternberg is a numbers guy. The model he's crafted for this team is quite clear: acquire young talent, mind the payroll and, as mentioned above, get value for the talent when the time comes for the big contract. To me, Friedman and Maddon reached the status level of "overachiever," meaning that demand for their talent became too much to ignore. Whether they deserve such praise will be debated for a long time, and I suppose will depend on their performance in future jobs. I felt like crap when Crawford left and when Price departed, but the sun came up and we moved on. We'll move on here as well.
    We have lost a lot of sizzle and pop, interestingly not from top caliber players, but from a front office guy and a manager.

  4. Matt says:

    Martinez always seemed like the right choice, but it doesn't appear that way. Like Cork said, the rays already had silverman in mind to replace friedman. Just depends on whether the rays want to stay status quo, or make a big change. There's definitely some intriguing candidates. Sandy Alomar Jr and Joe Mcewing are both two guys who are very close to getting their first manager gig. Mcewing has received rave reviews from Tony La Russa and other managers, and supposedly has great player relationships. Wouldn't mind seeing him at all.

  5. Gus says:

    For the cost of not letting Escobar be claimed on waivers, the management let the best manager in MLB walk. Unreal.

  6. formattedfire3 says:

    So this begs the question.
    Why the hell didn't Friedman trade Maddon so we could get some value in return?

    Because opt of the trade anyway since he had an opt-out clause, and that would next the deal?

    How is it fact (and not speculation) that the Rays weren't willing to spend whatever it took to keep Maddon? Seemed like they made a good offer last time to keep him in town, and he's stated on record that he'd take less to stay here. And Maddon stated it was due to financial reasons but it's possible it meant the team wanted to slash the payroll yet again, and Maddon was tired of being handcuffed, along with Friedman. So it was a mutual decision, and having JM leave first, made it a whole lot easier for JM to leave without backlash.

    • Dave L says:

      The opt out was triggered by Friedman leaving. Thats why I specifically asked why Friedman didnt trade him and noted that Silverman couldn't and had no effect on the eventual outcome.

      The better answer would be that maybe one year of a manager has little value but we will never know will we?

  7. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    How did I miss the forest through the trees?
    Charlie Montoyo should get the longest, hardest look as next manager... he's proven worthy in Durham, he'll come cheaper than some of the other names, and he's part of the organization and understands the way they operate...

    Am I the only one that cringes when they en ti on Kapler? I know on the field ability has little to do with managing ability, but all I'd ever see is his muscle bound body zig zagging around in right field as he watched the ball drop 2 feet to his left...

    • DRR says:

      We would most definitely miss Charlie here in Durham, but I really hope he at least gets the chance to be considered. He has earned it.

  8. mep says:

    Merlot Joe...don't let the screen door hit you on the way out..Adios

  9. STP says:

    Earlier, I had suggested that Maddon may take a year off with the opening of his new restaurant. He still may do that and wait for manager fall out during or at the end of 2015.

    I agree that if they wanted Martinez they wouldhave named him shortly after naming Silverman. Tim Bogar may be a possible replacement with Ron Gardenhire a longshot. The good news is that Shelton is likely gone...the bad news would be if Hickey leaves.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Where's Hickey gonna find a better group of pitchers to mentor??

      There isn't another pitching group in the league that would be better to work with than TB's young, malleable, uber-talented kids.

  10. Juggy says:

    If Martinez brings more of Maddon then based upon recent events I could see the Rays NOT going in that direction. What do you gents think of Charlie Montoya? I know he hasnt managed at a Major League level yet, but he has won championships at ever minor league level and has been a part of the organization for long time (remember seeing him coach the HV Renegades way back when I was living in NY). Could a fresh outlook perhaps spark some offense in an otherwise lackluster team (and league) and give the team a winning mentality again, or is Charlie more of a developmental part of the organization?


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