Evan Longoria

New Balance just launched their new “unlaced” series which will take a behind-the-scenes look at four big leaguers. Evan Longoria is the first to be featured (Scott Kazmir will also be featured in the near future).

Each player will have three videos that will be “an intimate look at their background, training, off-field interests, charity work, and what keeps them humble amid the celebrity and scrutiny that comes with success.”

Here are the first two videos, one on hitting and one on being a “sneakerhead” where he talks about designing his own signature shoe. A third video will be released on Thursday.


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  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    If Dirtbag doesn't improve somewhat substantially all the endorsements and commercials will come to a screeching halt...

    Longo has had far too many "off-years" (meaning off of expectations, not so much off like 'horrible') in his somewhat young career to continue to be called the face of the franchise if it continues.

    Having just turned 29 this week he needs for next season (his 29 year old season) to be his best yet or haters are gonna be justified when they start to hate.


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