Of the 27 American teams in MLB with available data, the Rays finished a very strong 12th in local television ratings, averaging 73,000 households per prime time game.

While that is good, there is some bad news. This year’s ratings were actually down 18.0% from last year (89,000 households) and down 30.5% from their peak in 2010 (105,000).

Here is how the ratings compare to attendance since the Rays moved exclusively to cable.




  1. mp645 says:

    Fans like to see winners. Rays did very poorly at home games this year. If in 2015, the Rays have the players, same coaches and same manager, how will the situation improve? Fans don't like to see mediocre players get big raises for below average performances. This is, after all, entertainment and everyone likes a winner. Kiermaier provided the only pop in the lineup this year. The TV cameras picked up some of the bored looking outfielders (Myers and Jennings especially) and players going thru the motions. Clean house and get some new blood in this team and maybe the new management will improve on this. Spring Training is only 4 months away. Get cracking.

  2. Linda Bledsoe says:

    We all here in Indiana would have love getting the games on t.v. Kiermaier has alot of fans and relation.We buy MLB and watch but of course you can not record any of the games to save for later. Thank you.


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