If you have followed the Rays for a while then you know David Price as a talented and driven baseball player who is also just a big kid at heart off the field. However, if you were watching closely, you also know Price was always one step from an emotional breakdown when things didn’t go well.

In a recent interview with, Price opened up about how hard it was for him to be traded from the one organization he had known since being drafted in 2007.

“I spent my entire professional career with one organization and a pretty big group of teammates, and to just move on from there to a new team, city and fan base is tough to do when I put everything I have into my teammates. I felt like I was drafted all over again and was a rookie…I really enjoyed being on the field with all the guys and the staff. It was just all so new to me again and it was just a feeling I hadn’t had in five years.”

Price’s agent, Bo McKinnis added that Price went through what McKinnis called a “transition period” but he thinks everything is fine now (emphasis mine).

McKinnis added that Price experienced “sadness” when he left the Rays and went through “a yo-yo of emotions.”

It does appear that Price began to adjust to the change of scenery later in the season and even called it a “blessing.”

In some ways Price is kind of like your kid that grows up and goes away to a big state college 1,000 miles away. You just hope he is OK and stays out of trouble and deep down you feel bad because you know sometimes he needs a big hug and there may not be anybody there to give him one.



  1. Adam W says:

    This is particularly odd given that Price all but said "when my contract is up, I'm out of here."

    • Aaron says:

      I think knowing what we do now, he probably would have ended up taking the pay cut at the last minute to stay.

      • Dave says:

        His pay remained the same after the trade. He had no choice. He wants big money and to chose his team, which he will get next year. And it won't be the Rays.

  2. FortMyersDave says:

    I think Price knew that the Rays were not going to even come close to matching the offers he will get when he becomes a FA after the 2015 season but it still came as a shock when he went to Detroit of all places when everyone thought the Dodgers or Cards would send one or two of their top shelf prospects to the rays for him if he got traded this past July and a lot of people thought the rays would keep him until the off season. He obviously pitched well in Detroit but then again, so did the left the Rays got in partial return for him: Smyly..

  3. mp645 says:

    David also said his goal was to be the first pitcher with contract over 200 million. So far, Smyly has worked out well for the Rays. This was a much better trades than the Sheilds/Wil Myers fiasco.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Can you please elaborate as to how this was a much better trade? I'd like to hear your logic.


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