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146 down, 16 to go…Last night’s game was the first in Major League Baseball since 2007 in which one starter lasted just 0.1 innings and his team still won the game…The Rays need to win 1 of their final 4 games against the Yankees to win the season series. The Rays have not lost a season series to the Yankees since 2009…Nate Karns will make his Rays debut tomorrow and I am still not sure if I am supposed to be calling him Nate or Nathan. You old-timers will recall a similar dilemma with James Shields who was Jamie for a while. “Big Game Jamie” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Also, Jake McGee was Jacob in the minors for a while and I am sure there are several others I am forgetting.

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  1. Dave L says:

    Dewayne and Brian openly and repeatedly lobbying for Jeters lazy old man attempt at a ground ball to his right to be please please please changed to a hit made me want to puke.

    if Escobar made that same identical attempt he would have been crucified for that play, and rightly so. Jeter number on the jerseys? On the field? Is he dead and living at the same time? Is he Jesus? Is this some weird trinity concept applied to baseball?

    The Rays promote the home games to the Yankee expat crowd to get attendance. Ok its cynical I get it. But to listen to the TV broadcast crew treat every visit to new Yankee stadium as a trip to Mecca makes me want to puke.

    Is Brian Anderson auditioning for the Yankee color job?

    My god someone needs to explain to BA the Yankees are our rivals we dont love them and we sure as hell dont want to be them. Hes a become a really good color guy but I hope Fox promotes him and we can get someone who knows that his audience is rays fans. I dont want Hawk Jr but I want a color guy who doesnt revere the opposition as above us.


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