Here is how the local newspapers handled the David Price trade.

The Times…


The Tribune…


And of course, the tbt*…




  1. Ken H says:

    What a hoot! The Times, ever striving to mirror their namesake in New York, caution against too quick of a judgement. Ever the apologists. The Trib, mainly read by folks who rarely come to the Trop, give the story a yawn. TBT*, the irreverent newcomer read by most of the area's younger folks, sarcastically rips the Rays. I have a feeling the "porch" won't have as many of those youngsters shelling out their $$'s in the foreseeable future.

    • Skateman says:

      Baloney. As much as I'm underwhelmed by this deal, I personally still (and will always) support the Rays. They've built a fantastic organization, poor attendance or not. Not every trade will be a winner, but they did what they had to do in trading Price. Of course, I would have preferred some top 50 prospects, but you know what? The Rays are still in it this year with Smyley. I think Franklin has the potential to fill Zobrist's shoes. And Adames is a great prospect where we needed one (short/third). So all is not lost with the Rays now or in the future.

      • Ken H says:

        Do you remember writing this yesterday? What changed your mind?
        "This is a devastatingly bad trade. I mean unbelievable."

        • Skateman says:

          You can't expect 1 day ago Skateman to say things consistent with current Skateman's thoughts and positions. That guy can't be trusted.

          Seriously, though, I've been obsessively following the David Price projected trade since this past Winter. I wanted a big haul, knowing how bad our farm is. I was, initially, very disappointed by the trade, as it didn't include any of the top prospects I was hoping for. So that was my initial reaction.

          I'm still disappointed. We got less than we should have (one more big piece like Walker should have been in there). But that doesn't mean I don't support the Rays and won't spend my money on the considerable entertainment value they provide.

          • Ken H says:

            LOL, great sense of humor and I, too, would have been a happy camper with one more MLB ready piece though I would have preferred a bat to an arm. Where we differ is how we see the Rays moving forward. $6000+ (x2) is a lot of movies, dinners, and bait. I'm not going to spend that any more. I'll watch, take the free ride and root when I can. I don't trust AF's judgement or baseball acumen anymore. Dating back to Luke Scott, Pena 2.0, Fausto and the past off season moves he has me convinced that he's still only a banker not a baseball man. We're both fortunate that we have the opportunity to spend our bucks as we see fit. I've donated enough to the cause. No Mas!

    • RaysBoson says:

      You clearly didn't read any of the articles.

  2. KMAC says:

    TBT's is spot on


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