Joe Maddon  and Drew SmylyThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

A’s 3, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Drew Smyly. It’s funny to think about this. What if David Price had been traded for a Drew Smyly who was still in triple-A, a Nick Franklin who was still in double-A, Willy Adames, and a 4th prospect who was never going anywhere? It’s the same players. But instead of knowing what they are, the Rays get two top-100 prospects with lots of sex appeal but who can’t help the Rays now or in 2015. A lot of Rays fans would have liked that trade.

THE BAD: The ugliest game in a while. We can talk about how the offense had runners in scoring position in 4 of the first 5 innings. Or we can talk about how the Rays didn’t get another baserunner after Yunel Escobar walked to lead off the sixth.

But I’d rather talk about why Ben Zobrist wasn’t in a hurry to get to third base on Evan Longoria’s pop-up that fell in and bounced around and why Tom Foley wasn’t waving Zobrist and giving Zo any indication that if he hurries he might be able to score. I don’t know if Zobrist is guilty of “not hustling.” But I do know he is guilty of assuming he had no chance to score.

Or we can talk about why Yunel Escobar was in no hurry to get back to first base on this play. A throw anywhere near the bag is a double-play.

And then there was this throw by Escobar that wouldn’t have hit water if he fell out of a f***ing boat.

Just brutal and embarrassing. The Rays are going to deny that the David Price trade has caused the rest of the team to give up and I want to agree with them. But it is hard when you see bus league crap on the field.

THE TELLING: Luckily for the Rays, the Blue Jays, who lead the second Wild Card spot, have lost 4 in a row so the Rays remain 5.5 back…The Rays became the fastest team to ever reach 1,000 strikeouts with their pitchers, needing just 113 games, one game faster than the 2013 Tigers.


  • According to a Newsday writer, Stuart Sternberg gave Andrew Friedman freedom to trade David Price to any team in baseball EXCEPT the Yankees. I wonder if the Red Sox would have also been forbidden if they were still in contention. [@DPLennon]
  • “In our situation here people don’t know how good Adames it. This young player is a very good shortstop. We think he has the capabilities to play in an All-Star Game in the future. Other people don’t really know how good a player he is, so when other organizations look at him and say well, I’m not sure that he got enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road they’re saying, well, this guy is really an impressive individual. And then all of a sudden it comes to light how much they did get.” []
  • More suspensions are coming to Major League Baseball. [BI Sports]
  • Kids, play baseball. [BI Sports]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores] The Bulls had 14 hits and 7 walks in their 8-5 win including 2 doubles and 2 walks from center fielder Justin ChristianWilly Adames hit his first home run since joining the Rays organization.




  1. Gus says:

    Lost in the "mid-season or after the season?" Price trade debate was the impact on the clubhouse. I made that point after Saturday's game (which they won and Longo was still despondent).

    The thing is that Friedman did try and "thread the needle" with Smily-Price trade but he forgot to get anything to actually help the team. (Smily pitched great and one improvement is his work rate vs. Price, who takes forever to deliver the pitch -- so the games we lose will at least go by faster).

    Escobar has less range than Derek Jeter at this point. If you are looking to jumpstart the team, a new starter at SS (and catcher, where at least the new guy looks like he intends to try and get a hit) would be where we should go. Kerimayer looks like he's hit the rookie wall and could use a few nights off.

    Desmond's baserunning blunder last night was worse than anything in Cork's lowlight GIFs above. Just cannot make that out at 3b with a ball hit in front of you. As Nigel Tufnel once said: There is a fine line between clever and stupid.

  2. edward williams says:

    all right we are slamming zobrist for not hustling , that actually is faster than anything i have seen from our number 1 catcher. go rays.


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