In honor of Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary, the Cubs have been hosting a series of throwback games this season, each from a different decade. On Sunday, the Cubs will honor the 1980s while the Rays are in town.

As part of this celebration the Cubs will wear a 1988 throwback. Well, it was safe to assume that the Rays would use this as an opportunity to wear their 1970s “fauxback” uniforms that have become very popular.

Well, we had heard an interesting rumor that the Rays were actually going to introduce a new “road” version of the fauxback. We hadn’t mentioned it because the rumor said the new uniform would be white, which didn’t make sense because the Cubs would be wearing white.

When we asked the Rays, we got a very coy, “don’t know yet.”

Well, during this afternoon’s game, Dave Wills and Andy Freed confirmed that there is a new version of the uniform, but offered little in the way of detail except that there will be “more gold.” Here is the exchange:

DW: I think we are turning back the clock this weekend at Wrigley Field. We haven’t really talked about it or even read about it very much. But I think we are turning back the clock again with a little twist to our uniform we have been wearing here the last couple of years.

AF: We did get a sneak peak at what the turn back the clock uniforms are going to be …

DW: I like the hats.

AF: They have a reverse color of the throwback uniforms that the Rays usually wear these days, on Turn Back the Clock days. So it is more, it’s like the A’s, right? Where they have that kind of gold base to it? [camera zooms in on an A’s player]

8-6-2014 4-56-01 PM

DW: Well, I thought it was, was it gold base, or gold sleeves?

AF: Maybe it is gold sleeves. We got a sneak peak and I am trying to remember exactly what it looked like. I do look forward to seeing it there.

DW: I think there was just a little more gold involved. We’ll wait for the weekend at Wrigley where they will be doing so.

So in addition to more gold (possibly just gold sleeves), there will also be a new cap. Earlier in the day, a reader told us that the team store has been selling a “road” fauxback cap.

So we will have to wait to get more details, but we might be able to guess. First of all, as most of you know, the fauxback unis are based on the 1978  San Diego Padres.


Now let’s look at the rest of the Padres 1978 set (via

nl_1978_sandiego (1)

Notice the dark road jersey was supposed to be worn with the white pants, unlike the photo above.

So what if the Rays take their current fauxback, make the sleeves gold, make the pants white, and the front panel on the cap gold? That would seem to satisfy all the pieces of info we have heard so far. And maybe it will look like this:

[UPDATE] Our source at the team store now says the front panel is actually white. So here is an updated mock-up:


Here is the cap.



  1. Joe Dunn says:

    More and more versions of unis = waste of money

  2. Ken H says:

    Price-less, 2-4, lost the first two series' since his escape to the Motor City. The pitching holds us close, great job by Hellboy today. But, as usual, the sticks are, again, lacking any day to day consistency. Being eternally optimistic, a 17-6 record for the balance of the month would get us damn close to WC2 Time to step it up and stick it to all the critics, me included. Off to the Windy City.

  3. Steve says:

    Bring back the original 1998 jerseys!

  4. Gus says:

    The Rays fauxback blue tops with white pants is also an homage to the Cubs' 1980's road uniforms -- which were solid blue and white pants. A very nice touch by the Rays front office which are of an age that they grew up with WGN games featuring Ryne Sandberg (and Don Zimmer) is those uniforms.

    As a side note, the Rays' fauxback (but the Rays 2001 or 2008 sets) made the history of notable baseball uniforms:


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