We knew that Jose Molina batting in front of Kevin Kiermaier was eventually going to cause problems and it nearly did on Outlaw’s 2-run home run in the fourth inning against the Rays.

Ironically, this came on the first pitch after Molina beat out an infield single.

Molina was running on the hit and the only doubt was whether the ball would hit off the wall. And yet, between second and third base, Kiermaier had to come to a near stop.

But the best part comes at the end. Kiermaier has so much energy left to burn that he just blows past Molina after crossing the plate.



  1. Drew says:

    This is a better explanation of how worthless he his:

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    Who does Tubby think he is, David Ortiz?

  3. edward williams says:

    why is he the only one who seems to get away with that. He almost got thrown out on the previous play. Why did the rays resign him? Oh well just think of him as our mascot/player, got to love him lololol , I don't dislike or hate him, it's just that he seems so worthless, oh i forgot he can frame pitches, alot of good that did this past week, and i am definitly not putting the losses on him, you win as a team and lose as a team, oh well ,go rays.

  4. Common on now....Let's give some LOVE to Jose...Hell he beat out a single with Molina hustle. What impresses me the most about Molina is his physical strength. He is built like a bull. Not fragile like Hanigan.


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