In a cool moment, the Cubs had Dewayne Staats, a former Cubs announcer, sing the traditional “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field.

8-10-2014 3-44-45 PM

Here is the video.



  1. monte says:

    Dewayne Staats is not Harry Caray, but it was a cool moment and he did it very well. I'm sure it meant much to him. Dewayne does a great job for the Rays. I like him as the Rays' announcer..

    Grant Balfour is not Fernando Rodney, and he has been a major disappointment this season. To how many losing games has he been the major contributor this year? He doesn't have it any longer. I think without his contribution, we'd be solidly in the race and above 500 ball. He ought not be brought into any game the Rays are not leading by four runs. At one time he was superb. Not any more. He is doing a disgraceful job. I don't like him as a Rays pitcher. .

  2. edward williams says:

    that was great, this whole weekend was good, well except for todays game. GO RAYS

  3. Joe Dunn says:

    When you only score TWO runs you will usually lose about 80% of your games.

  4. angrybuddha says:

    He backed off on the "root root root for the [redacted]" . I love that he didn't say "Cubbies"... he's one of us now...

  5. Fart says:

    The Rays are very lucky to have Staats. Guy is great at his job.

  6. Gus says:

    Duane Staats hiring was the single best thing Vince Naimoli did after he wrote the expansion check. The rest of his tenure was pretty much a disaster. But Staats' voice is the sound of my summers the last 16 years. Even in the low years, he was a pleasure to listen to. Hopefully he ages like Vin Scully.

  7. Daniel says:

    I don't think you can look at it that way. If the Rays are currently 3 games back. If they go 4-2 (difficult but dolbae) in their 6 games against the Yankees and then finish 1 game better than the Yankees in the rest of the games, the Yankees and Rays are tied for the division. I really think catching the Yankees is dolbae.


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