MLB: JUN 24 Padres at RaysTwo of the teams that were believed to be most interested in trading for David Price appear to have taken themselves out of the market.

The Cardinals were one team that was looking for a starting pitcher and appeared to have the prospects that could have gotten a deal done. However, today they traded a prospect to Cleveland for Justin Masterson according to several media outlets.

Meanwhile, Peter Gammons reports that the Dodgers “have made it clear” that they are not trading their top prospects which effectively takes them out of the Price sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, the Rays are still reportedly willing to deal Price despite their recent surge.

“We are talking and willing. [We’ll] see if any teams have the desire,” a “Rays-connected source” told Jon Heyman.

But what looked like a sellers market two weeks ago, suddenly looks like a situation where the Rays may be better off waiting until the winter even if they don’t think they can make the playoffs.



  1. Skateman says:

    Not. Good.

    While more teams will be in on Price over the winter, they'll have a lot more options, too, with free agents. This is a potentially dire move for the Rays organization long-term.

  2. J 2.0 says:

    Not trading Price will go down as one of the most disastrous non moves in Rays history.

  3. Jim says:

    Hey Dave L,
    Why should we have move Price EARLY? I'm pretty sure you and others blasted me over and over. You said I didn't know shit about baseball, that there was no advantage in moving him early. Hmmmmm, wow how's that working out now.

    Less suitors, less interest, less offers, more competition on the market. Another front office blunder. Along with signing Balfour, Bell, Hanigan, and Oveido, the FO has completely dropped the ball this year.

    We should have taken the Mariners to the cleaners the day after the Cubs trade, but we didn't. We could have moved both Zo and Price for a hefty return when they were still the #2 wildcard, yet we kept chasing the miracle, while they fell off the map and went from a 2.5 game lead in the wildcard to 2 games under.

    But your right, I don't know shit.

    • J 2.0 says:

      Your last sentence explains it all. You don't know. None of us do. Only AF and SS know what was on the table.

      So, shut up.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Why would the Mariners be more likely to trade for Price when they have a 2.5 game lead in the wild card as compared to 2 games out? Since when has 2 games out been considered "off the map"?

    • Dave L says:

      Enlighten us Oh Wise Jim! Who only posts gleefully after loses. To prove hes smarter than AF.

      What exact mind blowing Trade did the Rays FO office turn down from the M's??

      You have this weird assumption that any Players trade value can be placed on a sliding scale in which diminishing returns are in exact inverse proportion to the days remaining on the baseball calender.

      Since the Rays have won virtually every trade they have made in the Freidman era, we have to assume he concluded the value in the offseason was not signifigantly greater than his value now or 2 weeks ago whatever. Your late April or May trade 4 or 5 games back stuff was silly and you should stop bringing it up, so you dont lose more credibility.

      I have faith in his judgement. Maybe thats not a cool thing to say on a Commenter section but I believe it

      • Jim says:

        We won the trade for Upton? Crawford? No moves on players of huge value? What exactly did we gain by holding on to them?

        Garza? Hanigan and Bell? Forsythe? Davis and Shields ? Hell, even Scott Kaz. Which of those were big "wins"? They were salary dumps with at best " even returns.

        And remember me saying we should trade Balfour early, well before he was demoted?

        What did Bell, 2nd Balfour, Ovieda, Burrell, Crane, 2nd Pena and Hanigan provide to this team. In the past few years? Please explain these great moves/signings. They were simply horrible moves made by the FO. For the Rays, these were pretty high $ moves, and they all were failures

  4. says:

    I said trade him before other teams started moving their pitchers, I said trade him while other teams still had realistic playoff hopes. i said trade him well before the deadline so teams could get the trade partners would get the maximum amount of games out of him.

    i also said that AF and the FO would chase another miracle and then claim that they either didn't get the super offer (that can never be proven) or try to claim some BS that they can get equal or better value for him in the offseason, which we all know is a farce.

    I was 100% correct on all of those. now we will hold on to him, not make the playoffs, and get significantly less in the offseason. the FO has completely dropped the ball this season, by signing a bunch of crap during the offseason and not moving Price and Zobrist when their value was the highest.

    Now lets just cross our fingers and toes and hope that he doesn't suffer any injuries between now and the offseason. If this happens it will be one of the biggest trade blunders in modern baseball. All while chasing a miracle.

  5. says:

    and yes that's my email address, no hiding behind a name on a message board like most of you.

  6. says:

    If Baltimore wins today, we've made up a whopping 1/2 game since July 1st during this chase for a miracle. That's reality.

  7. Ken H says:

    This thread of posts has to be one of the strangest I've ever read on RI. It starts off with a couple of gloom and doom posts about the failure to trade Price. Then there is the "told you so" post by Mr. Bombast, calling out the GM for not listening to his advice. Interestingly, he includes another fellow with whom he's been having a war of words with in his condemnation. Of course, the offended party, along with others, point out the glaring inconsistencies in his logic and tell him to shut up. The posts deteriorate from there.
    Take a breath everyone. The trade deadline is today. A trade still may occur. If it doesn't, the team won't implode. Price is an elite player and, as such, I'm certain the Rays are asking for an elite package of prospects in return. The truth behind why the deal is not done lies between those parameters. AF hasn't gotten the offer he wants and other teams aren't willing to give up their prized prospects for him. If Price stays we all get to watch him for at least another 2 months. If he goes we get to watch prospects we hope will become the elite player that he is. None of us know what will happen in either case.
    What we all do know is that the Rays are playing much better. Another series won over an excellent team feels good. And I, for one, know that the Orioles are starting to piss me off. Where did all this excellent pitching come from?
    Go Rays.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Well said

    • Dave L says:

      Well I had to respond since I was baited

      I think AF has learned and I have learned from him, that it takes bundles of prospects they like to pull the trigger.

      Thus one day the the Shields and even Torres trades may be 'won' with the ancillary players we picked up if they continue to develop.


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