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No surprise here, but Jon Heyman does confirm that the Rays have discussed top pitching prospect Taijuan Walker with the Mariners in a potential deal that would include David Price, Ben Zobrist, or both. According to Heyman, the two teams have discussed deal involving both players and other possibilities where just one of the two Rays veterans is included. Earlier, Heyman reported that Zobrist has been the Mariners’ primary focus. Heyman says talks are “in the early stages” and adds that the Rays are also interested in slugging 1B/3B DJ Peterson and left-handed pitcher James Paxton.

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  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Ben Zobrist, RF
  3. Brandon Guyer, LF
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. James Loney, 1B
  6. Logan Forsythe, 2B
  7. Yunel Escobar, SS
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Sean Rodriguez, DH
  10. David Price, SP




  1. ken says:

    Looking at the Street and the A's/Cubs trades no way Price gets traded for those type packages. Rays better off trading Zo, (SRod, Forsythe/Jennings) take your pick and a minor league arm for Paxton, Peterson and change.

    • God says:

      I'm not so sure about that. The way Price is pitching, the ongoing talks with the Mariners, and the Dodgers struggles with their 4 and 5 pitchers suggests to me that a great deal could happen. If anything holds back a deal it will be the Rays playing themselves right back into contention.

      • ken says:

        Just saying no team out there can part with what DP is worth looking at the deals already done. AF gets another teams 4 best young players the deal is probably done.

        • God says:

          I predict three great prospects for Price - e.g. Walker, Miller, and Peterson. They also take Zobrist and we then take Chris Taylor and a few more pieces...Basically, clean out the Mariner's system. This year is their best chance to win, and they know it.

    • Dave L says:

      Luckily for Rays fans, AF is not foolish enough to trade a Desmond Jennings with so much control and excellent value from the centerfield postion, offensively and defensively, baserunning and character-wise.

      He understands roster construction.

      • ken says:

        Boras is his agent, he's batting .243 and leads the team in hitting into DP's, just sayin'. Oh yeah, and KK is CF. AF would take a chance if the offer was right.

        • Dave L says:

          He also leads the team in oWAR and dWAR. I know dWAR is shaky but he's a damn good centerfielder.

          His overall WAR is now 5th amongst all CF in MLB.

          Boras is about as relevant as a palmetto stump for the next couple of years as he still has 3 more years of ARB. Obviously I agree we will never re-sign him but the time to trade him is with one year left so at the 2016 trade deadline or after.

          We need 6 good outfielders to go in to camp to get 5 so we can have 4 healthy ones for the 2015 campaign. As soon as we have 6 OF in the Rays org better than Desmond at a cheaper price we can trade him. Right now we might have one total KK. Its too early to tell even at that. He can't play an entire career on adreneline.

          Trading Desmond is the height of folly fuggaddabotit

          • Ted Sheckler says:

            It's not the height of folly if they get an acceptable return. Outfield depth is a strength and Jennings would net the most of those who are no longer be pre-arbitration. If they can get what he's worth, which should be more than people might think, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and do it. It's only folly if the return stinks.

          • ken says:

            Here here, Ted. If Price is expendable for the right package so is Dez. Six outfielders is a luxury we can't afford right now. Jennings is an excellent young CF, no doubt, but so was BJ at the same age. Folly is not trading players a year too early only to discover their faults a year too late.

          • Dave L says:

            Outfield is strong and cheap, yes. But you both live in a static world where injuries dont occur and players never decline. The problem is that we dont know who will decline (ala Myers in 2014) or get injured (ala Myers 2014) .

            At his worst Jennings is a league average CF who can hit both righties and lefties who is 27 years old and very healthy at a below market value Arb Rate for 2 more years. Plus with his attiude he would do whatever asked. If Kiermier becomes Mantle who wouldn't want Jennings on the bench and he would accept the role and not pout. His trade value will still be there in 2016 July and he could still get better.

            The chances of the Rays parting with him are zero IMO, as they are smart about maximizing value. Talk to me after the Trading deadline we will see.

          • ken says:

            Is it possible Dave L for you to be any more self righteous in your comments when others offer a disparate view? This is a forum where ideas are exchanged, some more astute than others, some more vitriolic, some just musings. More than I care to count would be examples of your condescension when I, and others, offer opinions that ruffle your feathers. I'll comment further when AF hires you as a consultant, till then I will remain quiet.

          • OriginalTom says:


            I do not think anyone is saying the Rays will or should trade Jennings. He is a valuable player but if a team like the Mariners who are weak in the outfield, made an overwhelming offer I am sure the Rays would listen.

          • Ted Sheckler says:

            First of all Dave L, unless you personally know Jennings, don't think for a second you know how he would react to getting benched or anything else. Secondly, don't act like you know squat about what world I live in, whether people get injured, or whatever else pops into your head that you know nothing about. You don't know what you don't know. Remember that. It's how you avoid being full of shit.

  2. Dave L says:

    Ted and Ken-

    Do you guys even watch how the Rays operate?

    When have they ever traded a Jennings? An above league average offensive CF (in this case) at a prime defensive position with above average defensive skills and burning speed and a below market value contract with 3 years of control of said contract?

    As to Jennings demeanor Ted, are you seriously doubting he is one of the most humble, down to earth, grounded hard working athletes you have ever observed? When has Jennings done anything ego centric......ever? For one second on the baseball field?

    Do you understand that the idea is to get better and that people get injured? Sorry if my use of the "world you live in" phrase upset you Ted.

    Our outfield is a position of strength right???

    Well lets dial back 8 months-----Our SP was a position of fabulous depth 6 or 7 MLB Starters. How'd that work out? Sorry if my verbage about static thinking where we are apparently 'strong' in July 2014 may not hold hurt your feelings Ted. You guys see 40 to 50 games of Guyer and KK and suddenly wow they are better or as good as Jennings!!!! He's expendable!

    You guys honestly do not understand how the Rays work.

    Zobrist and Price are PLENTY to give away in starting MLB players. Any body else we trade will be long term project lower level guys we gave up on.

    Original Tom makes a point I will concede if anybody gives us above value return for anybody, of course it has to be considered. But Ken has been repeatedly talking about trading Jennings as if he's easily replaced recently and its frankly silly so I get sick of listening to it.

    So i have to respond sorry if your tender sensibilities get hurt Ken.

    Sure this is a place where people mused about Shields for Justin Upton! or whatever nonsense. But I would expect more reasoned judgement from Ken and Ted frankly about how the Rays operate.

    If the Rays act 100% completely out of character and trade a prime chip like Jennings way before his time--- I promise I will disappear from this site forever and I will never hurt you guys feelings again.

    • Ted Sheckler says:

      First of all, nobody predicted the Rays would trade Jennings. I said that trading him for "what he's worth" would not be folly. That has nothing to do with what I think the Rays will do. I'm not trying to give you AF's opinion. I'm giving you my own opinion.

      You make incorrect assumptions and talk to people like they are idiots. You say things like "You guys see 40 to 50 games of Guyer and KK and suddenly wow they are better or as good as Jennings!!!!" Where did you get that? Who said Guyer and KK are as good or better than Jennings? It wasn't me. And what do you know about how much I've seen anyone play? I've probably seen Guyer play more minor league games than major league games, but somehow because I don't think it's folly to trade Jennings for "what he's worth", you think I've only seen Guyer play 40 to 50 games and I think he's at least as good as Jennings. It's like you're arguing with a voice in your head.

      Also, I never questioned Jennings' humility and work ethic. I said unless you actually know him, you don't know how he would react. I don't know him, so I don't know how he would react. To borrow one of your insults, it's folly to think you know someone from watching post game interviews and an episode of inside the rays.

      Here's a list of pompous and insulting remarks you've made on this subject...

      "Luckily for Rays fans, AF is not foolish enough to trade a Desmond Jennings... He understands roster construction"
      "Boras is about as relevant as a palmetto stump"
      "Trading Desmond is the height of folly"
      "you both live in a static world where injuries dont occur and players never decline"
      "Do you guys even watch how the Rays operate?"
      "Do you understand that the idea is to get better and that people get injured?"
      "You guys see 40 to 50 games of Guyer and KK and suddenly wow they are better or as good as Jennings!!!! He’s expendable!"
      "You guys honestly do not understand how the Rays work"
      "its frankly silly so I get sick of listening to it"
      "sorry if your tender sensibilities get hurt"
      "I would expect more reasoned judgement"

      That list of quotes is the work of someone who thinks way too much of himself and way too little of others. It's the work of a pompous know it all.

      • ken says:

        Ted, Dave L has been on his "bully pulpit" for more years than I can count. He's never affected by "calling him out" on issues where he clearly has misinterpreted anyone's original comment. Mine was simply this: "Rays better off trading Zo, (SRod, Forsythe/Jennings) take your pick and a minor league arm for Paxton, Peterson and change." Note that my suggestion only included Dez as one of three players to choose from. Dave L pounced on that comment as he often does, just to pronounce his all knowing, pompous opinion on all that's relevant to the Rays. Last year it was his ridiculous defense of Fausto. The year before it was Upton....on and on. Your right, he's an asswipe...unfortunately for the rest of us he fails to realize it.

  3. ken says:

    One could only hope for that Dave.

  4. Dave L says:

    this whole tread was started by by Ken with an offhand quick trade SRod/ Forsythe/................wait for it.............../ Jennings as if there was some simple lumping of the three.

    Forsythe is a boderline MLB player. He is expendable at his pay grade

    SRod is a proven quality (up to) 7 position back up player who can warm your bench and cause damage with his bat but not for average.

    My god if anyone wants to over pay and give us good players in retrun for them --- god bless us everyone as Tiny tim would say

    But once you lob Desmond in that category, an above MLB average positon player at a premium defensive position who faces both righty and lefties at the top of the order and is paid well below his pay grade for three more years in arb I dont care if Boras, or whoever is his agent the Tampa Bay Rays do not trade him under any circumstances. If that simple fact hurts your feelings im sorry. And if you dont understand low budget roster construction I will never tire of trying to explain it to you in RI


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