Over the last couple of days, David Price has made several comments that suggest that he thought Wednesday was July 31st (“today is everybody’s last start in July”). But none more than realizing that the trade deadline was still a day away.



  1. Joe Dunn says:

    "Alec - - I'll take calendars for $200 please "

    Price was never the sharpest tool in the box

  2. Jay says:

    Off topic but.....

    WHO KNEW Jesse Hahn was like Cy Young. He wouldve looked nicein a Rays uni when we were trotting Erik Bedard every 5th day. Tho I do like having Brad Boxberger as return. Who knew the Alex Torres trade would have some real traction to it...

    • Ken H says:

      Very interesting trade. Hahn/Boxberger and Torres/Forsythe pretty even contributors. If Andriese or Lollis pan out we have the edge. Funny, Hahn was never above AA with us and injured a lot...

    • Rob says:

      Makes me wonder what is going on in the talent evaluation department. How is it that a guy with a 7-2 record, a 1.02 WHIP, 2.01 ERA and a SO per inning never makes it past AA? Kiermaier wasn't on anybody's radar either (that I read or heard about) and the drafting the past few years has been a debacle.


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