USATSI_7936086_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Red Sox 4, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: On the plus side. The Rays are 3-3 in their last 6 games against the Red Sox. If you want another positive, consider that the Rays have the worst record in the American League and the third-worst record in baseball and we know the Rays are really good at drafts when they have a top-5 pick. So there is that.

THE BAD: An Avoidable Injury. Wil Myers went on the 15-day DL after colliding with Desmond Jennings on Saturday’s walk-off basehit. The sad thing is replay suggested that both Jennings and Myers probably could have caught the ball if the other backed off. Jennings started to back off, while Myers still went for the ball, but clearly hesitated at the last second…Evan Longoria. The Rays are on pace to be shutout 17 times, which would match the franchise record set in their inaugural season. While the offense has lots of problems, a good deal of the blame has to be placed on Longoria who should be the steady force in the lineup even when things are going bad. He is on pace for just 14 home runs, 20 doubles, and  a .696 OPS. Only the doubles would not be a career low as he had just 14 in 2012 when he played just 74 games, many with a sore hamstring…Grey Unis. The Rays are now 3-7 in their grey uniforms. They are 12-7 in their alternate road navy uniforms (4 of those wins came at home). Can we just ditch the grey already and make the navy the official road uniform?

THE TELLING: Jerry Sands was called up to replace Wil Myers. Tim Beckham was moved to the 60-day DL to make room for Sands on the 40-man roster…Ali Solis was hit in the face during his first big league at bat in 2 years. The ball hit Solis in the nose after it ricocheted off of the catcher. The nose is not broken, but Joe Maddon’s comments suggested there were some concerns of a concussion…The Rays are on pace to finish 65-97, which would be their worst record since going 61-101 in Joe Maddon’s first year as manager (2006)…The Rays now have just a 10.6% chance of making the playoffs…Attendance this year is up, but only slightly, from 18,645 per game last year, to 18,692 this year. The good news is the Cleveland Indians are averaging just 14,931. So the Rays are not in last place and the national media will probably start ripping on Cleveland fans soon…Heath Bell signed a minor league deal with the Orioles.


  • Stuart Sternberg was at the game on Sunday and discussed the Rays struggles and hope moving forward. Can’t help but wonder if the two large fellas in Rays gear were there to provide a buffer between Stu and Red Sox fans. Either way, I do love how often Sternberg is sitting in regular seats. True baseball fan. [MLB Video]
  • Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal says the Rays could make Ben Zobrist and Matt Joyce available in trade along with David Price. However, he also notes that the Rays are a team that doesn’t typically give up on a season. [Fox Sports Video]
  • Here is a fun interview with new Rays catcher Ali Solis. [The Human Side of Sports]
  • Washington Post columnist who admits he never watches a full baseball game rips Tampa Bay area fans for not going to baseball games without doing any research as to why nor offering any potential solutions. Hashtag, lazy. [Washington Post]
  • How good was that 2013 draft for the Bucs? [JoeBucsFan]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscores] The Durham Bulls extended their lead in the IL South to 4.5 games with a 4-2 win over Lehigh Valley. Enny Romero allowed 2 runs (1 earned) in 6.2 innigns with 4 Ks and 1 walk. His ERA is now 5.50. Brandon Gomes faced 5 batters in relief, striking out 4 and giving up 1 hit. Cole Figueroa had a double and 2 RBI…Catcher Luke Maile went 3-4 with his 4th home run in the Biscuits win…The Charlotte Stone Crabs were rained out.

Here is Solis being hit in the face.

Here is the play on which Wil Myers injured his wrist. Both players could have caught the ball. Jennings is already pulling up (notice he is looking at Myers at this point) and Myers is starting to hesitate (notice he is not leaning forward to grab the ball). We have to support going all out to make a play, but outfielders have to find a way to communicate both to make the play and to avoid injuries.






  1. Phil says:

    Just a suggestion but how about David Price to the Cards for Matt Adams and Shelby Miller? Both players have 4 years of control after this year.

  2. Phil says:


    Do you know if Taylor Guerrier has started to throw or if there is a return date for him?

  3. Skateman says:

    Fire Derek Shelton.

    Price, Zobrist, Joyce, and maybe even Jennings should also be traded at the deadline. Give some of the younger guys playing time - KK, Casali, etc., and see who rises to the top. It's time to rebuild.

  4. starmand says:


    I never see him on road games. Slacker! That attitude spreads like wildfire and apparently has infected the whole team.

  5. Gus says:

    This team is hopeless, and much of it lays at the feet of Price and Longoria. The highest salaried players in team history, they are below average when they should be at their 28 year old apex.

    That said, the rest of the roster is poorly constructed, and the belief that at bats don't matter, that defense solves all has been carried to a ridiculous extreme with a 2 (!) year signing of Jose Molina, the worst offensvie player in many decades, a 38 year old catcher who doesn't maintain his conditoning. Forced to play every day, we see in full relief how bad this player is.

    I loved Des for years, but his play has been mysteriously poor and the time has come to get him out of CF. He just can't play it. Put Kiermayer and that arm (!!) in CF, get Des in LF and platoon him with Joyce when he comes back. Make him prove he's an everyday guy.

    Sadness all around. Not since 2006 has it been this bad to be a Rays fan (in 2007 you saw upside).

  6. Jim says:

    the miracle comeback year will haunt this team for years. Stu's comments about not trading BJ and Shields during that year is eye opening. if we don't move Price and others before the deadline, and honestly think we are going to catch another miracle this year, then we are foolish. I truly hope that this is just a front.

    you'll start to see more and more starters going to the DL, it will as much to clear their heads as it will be to heal.


  7. louberger says:

    Longoria - His career has been on a steady decline since years 1-3.
    Not sure what his deal is , but i would be happy with a trade while this guy still has a name reputation. Good guy, but average at best right now.
    This guy has never been the franchise saving player he was billed to be. Yeah, he hit a homerun to get us into the playoffs one year, whoopty doo. How far have we ever gotten with him. I dont see it anymore in him.
    I think he has lost the fight since marrying the playboy bunny.
    Where has the pop been. I mean , even besides not hitting home runs, this guy used to rack up doubles,
    He doesnt even hit doubles anymore. He is looking more an more like BJ Upton every day, looking at perfiect strikes down the middle, and swinging at crappy sliders outside the zone. He looks a little too chill .
    When he got hit the other night, his week little response was turned down . all pierziynski had to do was walk up to him, and he turned his back shaking his head .....No fight whatsover.
    I am done with him, and I have been for 3 years now. Time to move on.

  8. Beezy says:

    "Good at draft, w/ top-5 picks", lol! I think Maddon just needs to pull some tricks out his sleeves, and build some morale, like a all-you-can-drink fishing trip, yup, I good night out getting drunk is what they need! Like in Tin Cup, "you play better hungover"...

  9. bbmern says:

    I, for one, am very disappointed in the Rays performance to this point. But I am never going to give up on them, walk away or not go to games because they are playing so lousy. I love this team and somehow, some way, they will get it together. I wouldn't want anyone other than Maddon managing this team, but I wish he would keep the lineup somewhat consistent for a change! I am sure they are just loving how horrible they are playing and how far down the totem pole they are...NOT! Yankee and Boston trolls can KMA! Now I'm seeing bandwagon Blue Jays trolls pumping their chests. Crickets when they were in the bottom in like forever. Keep the faith Rays fans...better days are coming!

  10. Joe Dunn says:

    I have a suggestion for those that rip our attendance. . . . .I tell them if I wanted to support a team that draws huge crowds but can NEVER win, I would be a CUBS fan.

    That usually shuts them up.

    Reporting on our crowd size is like going on ESPN and saying that Charlie Weis is fat and Bobby KNight was explosive. . . . . . .

    ya got anything ELSE ????

  11. louberger says:

    MMMERN - I am a homer too, but this year is different. I agree with Jim. They are not going to come from last in the majors, to a playoff spot. NOt with their inconsistencies across the board. Not happening.

    If our minor leagues are so good, how come we cant produce good young pitchers and hitters like the Marlins do. They pump talent out every few years that makes them a dangerous team.

    I would love to be wrong, but im not. They just dont have it this year. ONe of the few offseasons they made mistakes. Trading for forsythe was an obomination. Madden keeps sticking up for him, which i understand, but dude just looks lost out there. Not to mention LUEKE, and Molina. Good god.

    • Jim says:

      offseason mistakes and injuries are too much to recover from. bell, balfour, and molina were wasted money and roster spots.

      the magic season that was 2011, we trailed by 10.5 (5 games over .500) games at the all the break. there was only 2 teams ahead of us for the wildcard. the red sox FOLDED and we played our asses off and made the playoffs.

      but looking back at 2011, we were 56-51 at the break, we had to play .640 to make the wildcard. we would basically have to play .640 for 100+ games just to make it to 90 wina!!!!! is there truly anyone on this board that thinks that can happen? IT'S NOT!!

  12. Lane Meyer says:

    There's no reason to make panic trades or fire people. This team was built a certain way and it's been successful. This year they've had more injuries than normal, no one has been hot for very long, and the starting pitching has been less than stellar. They'll bounce back at some point this year and have a respectable record but probably not sniff the playoffs. They need to get healthy, decide what Price is worth, and get their stadium issues resolved this season and it will set them up for years to come.

  13. ken says:

    The upcoming month promises to be one of the most important for the Front Office since taking over the franchise. Not only do they have the draft coming up in a few days but they must begin a serious evaluation of future capabilities of the ML roster, their upper minors and the MiLB rosters of potential suitors of our most desirable assets.
    Furthermore, the ML coaching staff must also be evaluated. Price said of Big Papi that "he thinks he's bigger than the game", well there are too many Rays fans that feel the same way about Maddon.
    What happens on the field the next six weeks is far less important than what decisions are made upstairs. Sure we could go on a tear like the Dodgers did last year, but how many of us are picking up the phone to call Vegas with that thought in mind.
    By July 15 contending teams with needs will come knocking. Friedman better be ready. Otherwise this franchise could sink back to '06 in a New York minute. Price, Joyce, Zobrist, Joyce, Jennings, DeJesus, and Rodriguez could all be the player that puts one of those teams over the top.
    Too many miscalculations were made last off-season. We can't afford to make those mistakes again.


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