USATSI_7947909_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

Cardinals 1, RAYS 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Casey Gillaspie. The Rays have signed Gillaspie. The signing was done quickly and Gillaspie will start playing with Hudson Valley immediately. As a big, power bat,  We will have more on the signing later.

THE BAD: Baseball’s Replay System. Kevin Kiermaier was called out on a play at first base, the second out on a double-play (see below). Replays clearly showed that he was safe and yet the challenge did not overturn the call. There have been plays where it is hard to tell on replay and you understand upholding the call on the field. But this was clear, which brings up another point. Why does a replay have to be conclusive? If the umpire is already looking at the replay, why not just make a call based on what he is looking at? Clearly a slow-motion video is superior to what the umpire sees on the field, so why make the umpire’s call the default? The answer is MLB (and other leagues) want to minimize how many times their officials/umpires are wrong. So instead of trying to get the call right, they would rather make themselves look better. Who knows how things would have played out, but the next 2 batters reached base and it is quite possible the Rays would have scored a run that inning….Shutout. The Rays have now been shutout in 3 straight games and 28 consecutive innings. The 3 straight shutouts is a franchise record and the first AL team to do it since 2004 (Royals).

THE TELLING: Ryan Hanigan was activated after the game and Ali Solis was demoted back to Durham…The Rays are now 24-42, 15 games behind the Blue Jays and 4 games behind the Cubs and Phillies for the worst record in baseball.


  • Kevin Kiermaier took over the Rays’ twitter account yesterday and took questions from fans. My favorite was learning that Kiermaier named his dog after Sammy Sosa. The dog is a white labrador. If you know Sosa’s recent history, this is hilarious. [@RaysBaseball]
  • DOWN ON THE FARM [boxscoresAlex Colome allowed 1 run in 7 innings, striking out 5 and walking none. Colome has allowed just 1 run in 20.2 innings with 21 Ks and 4 walks since his suspension ended. Mikie Mahtook went 2-4 with his 3rd home run. He is hitting .321…Blake Snell gave up 4 runs (3 earned) in 4 innings for Charlotte.

Here is the play at first base.








  1. Jim says:

    Joe Maddon is a farce. "It's on the players","Shelty's doin all the right things". In other sports and organizations, when the players aren't performing or executing in one particular area on a continual basis, in this case for years, then you make a change. If you don't have the depth to try different players, then you MUST make a change at the coaching position. It's pretty obvious that the Rays will never have the wallet to go out and completely gut or revamp a roster, so the ONLY option is a change at the coach that is directly responsible.

    Basically, if you aren't able to change the players(which actually have changed yearly) and you keep getting the same results, then you make the only change you can make, the coach.

    I'm almost to the point now that I truly hope that this continues to the climax of a historic slump. Nothing is going to change unless this happens, and I'm still not convinced it will even happen them. I truly don't think that they will ever give the appearance that the fans and media were right, and they were wrong. They simply would rather starve to death than eat crow.

    Maddon has gone from "I take the blame and divert all the negativity from my players" to "It's not Shelty's fault, it falls squarely on the players". PATHETIC, he talks out of both sides of his ass. sort of like "our philosophy is to work the count", yet in the next sentence. "I agree, we shouldn't be taking that first pitch strike".

    Finally, from the Duemig interview yesterday, he proved how you can manipulate stats to read whatever you want them to.
    "In past years when we see 145 pitches, our winning pct is near 70%" he stated this was the logic behind working the count.
    I take that as:
    1. we got a lot of hits in that game, thus pitch counts were higher
    2. the 4, 5, pitchers that we were facing couldn't throw strikes
    3. extra inning games
    4. we actually swung the bat, and foul balls off

    Yet Maddon and our FO will throw around BS stats like this to somehow justify their unsuccessful offensive philosophy and/or keeping a hitting coach.

    • angrybuddha says:

      5. We won games because our pitchers were effing amazing.

    • Woodrow744 says:


      I appreciate your analysis and passion - we need more of it as Rays fans. Between reading Jim's comments and listening to T-Kraz on 620 last night after the game (believe me, that is much more entertaining than the games) I guess the one good thing is that we're expecting to win here in TB. That's the mentality those morons up in Boston/NY have and, like them or not, they EXPECT success. So, Maddon et al, have moved the needle in that regard.
      One more point: someone out of this mess will emerge as a future stud player (I hesitate to use the word "star"). Maybe it's someone we've brought up, maybe it's someone we'll get in a player trade. But, someone will step up and take the spot of a player on the field right now. Oh yeah, also listen to T-Kraz because he is on the verge of stroking out each night on-air!

    • Jason says:

      could not agree more!

  2. Dave L says:

    Yeah Cork this replay system really needs tweaking.

    They need to get the manager completely out of the equation. A wrong call is a wrong call. There should be a Video Ump in each stadium reviewing every close play. The umps shouldn't have to walk over to the sidelines this is 2014 not 1914.

    The homeplate ump should have a direct wireless link to the Video Ump and whenever the Video Ump sees a queationable play he should signal the HP Ump to hold on unitl he reached a conclusion if he needs more time.

    Then just tell him the corrected call or if it stands and play resumes. That crap last night was horrible.

    The umps would love that plan because it means 15 more jobs. MLB Umps have alot of say so its important they are on board.

    There should be no limit to overturned calls in a game.

    Part of the Rays problem last night was all of the inconclusive calls as well were already first called in the Cards (and seemingly all our opponents lately) favor so we lost those too.

    Thank god Hannigan is back. When he was healthy he was a decent little hitter. Hope he's truly healthy, if not they should wait till he is.

  3. OriginalTom says:

    I was thinking about how many DP's the Rays have hit into while at the same time leaving so many men on base. They are 2nd in GIDP with 61 and 2nd in LOB at 497. It is not like they are getting on base a lot either as there OBP is .316 which is 17th in MLB.

    Oh yeah, BA is often talking about how the Rays are not turning DP's defensively. He is correct they have turned only 36 DP's all season which is dead last in the league. 5 fewer than the next worst team.

    • Jason says:

      I was wondering both of those stats this morning. While Zobrist is a good 2nd baseman it seems like he has a lot of trouble turning the second out of a double play. The few times Sean Rodriguez has played 2nd those bang bang plays are happening cause he makes a good transfer stands in there and fires the ball off.


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